Speaking and Training

If you would like to hire Dr. Sweeton for a speaking engagement, or if you’d like to know whether Dr. Sweeton is scheduled to present in your area, you may contact her assistant here.

Dr. Sweeton is a presenter and keynote speaker who has amassed more than 300 five-star Google reviews for her seminars, presentations, and workshops. She is a sought-after speaker on the neuroscience of mental health, trauma treatment, and brain optimization, and has trained more than 15,000 professionals. Additionally, Dr. Sweeton was one of three trauma experts selected to serve as an advisor and trainer for what Psychotherapy Networker has called “the world’s next big EMDR certification,” and to date has trained more than 1,000 clinicians in EMDR skills worldwide. See the below sections for examples of presentations, and general topic areas Dr. Sweeton presents on:

Example speaking topics:

  • Neural Desensitization and Integration Training (for lay and professional audiences)
  • Trauma treatment using EMDR skills, Prolonged Exposure, Cognitive Processing Therapy, and/or somatic approaches
  • Neuroscience of mental health and illness
  • Brain optimization techniques and strategies
  • Brain-changing tools for recovery (from trauma, anxiety, depression, or addiction)

Selected titles of presentations and certification training programs:

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Trainer (includes 12 hours of training)
  • EMDR Certification Trainer (includes 12-14 hours of training)
  • Clinical Forensic Neuroscience-Informed Practitioner Certification Trainer (includes 24 hours of training)
  • Complex Trauma and Addiction in Human Trafficking Survivors (keynote)
  • EMDR Skills for Trauma
  • EMDR Skills for Anxiety
  • Advanced EMDR Skills for Complex Trauma
  • Prolonged Exposure: A Step-by-Step
  • Neuroscience for Clinicians
  • Neuroscience of Trauma, PTSD, and Traumatic Grief
  • Brain-Based Trauma Treatment
  • Ethics of Trauma Treatment
  • Telemental Health and Trauma Treatment
  • Treating Moral Injury
  • The Neuroscience of Confabulation

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