About Dr. Jennifer Sweeton

Originally trained as a neuroscientist, Dr. Jennifer Sweeton is a Stanford-educated clinical and forensic psychologist specializing in trauma treatment and the neuroscience of mental health.

Trauma Treatment Toolbox:

165 Brain-Changing Tips, Tools
& Handouts to Move Therapy Forward

US Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author in Clinical Psychology
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Train Your Brain Card Deck:

100 Techniques to Heal Trauma
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Publisher: PESI Publishing

Eight Key Brain Areas of Mental Health and Illness

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Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company

Traumatic Stress Recovery Workbook

New research has revealed specific techniques that create neurogenesis & neuroplasticity in key parts of the brain affected by PTSD, leading to a more resilient brain after trauma. This workbook offers forty easy, effective, brain-changing techniques for overcoming PTSD that you can do right away.

Release date: 11/01/2022 – Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

Speaking and Training

Dr. Sweeton is a sought-after professional speaker in the areas of mental health, neuroscience, and the treatment of trauma, and has trained more than 20,000 professionals in all 50 US states and….


Dr. Sweeton offers a variety seminars, workshops, and keynote speeches for mental health professionals, corporations, and the public…

1-on-1 Services

Dr. Sweeton offers 1-on-1 psychotherapy, brain-based coaching, and consultation services.

forensic services

Dr. Sweeton has experience as an expert witness and forensic evaluator in capital murder, personal injury, workers compensation, and criminal defense cases. She also has extensive experience …..


  • Lacey Lee Avatar
    Lacey Lee

    This was a great training! The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and did a wonderful job of explaining complicated material. I learned a lot and will definitely be participating in some of her other trainings.

    Tina R. Dodson Avatar
    Tina R. Dodson

    EMDR 2 DAY WEBINAR...WELL WORTH TIME INVESTMENT... I enjoy Dr. Jennifer a bunch.!!!

    Mary Griffin Avatar
    Mary Griffin

    Dr. Sweeton is very knowledgeable. She explains things in a way that makes it easier for you to comprehend the material. She is a great instructor!

  • Erin Moon-Walker Avatar
    Erin Moon-Walker

    Dr. Sweeton gave not only a comprehensive look at the processes within EMDR, she also gave a lot lot of comparisons to other types of therapy outside of EMDR. She helped me better understand where EMDR stands, in general. I "feel" interventions better qnd more intuitively after Dr. Sweeton explains them because she really gets to the jelly of why/how things work. I did leave the training feeling like I needed more time to figure out where to start in terms of reviewing all of the information and handouts she gave, but I think that is a side effect of getting so much great info 🙂

    Angela Thornell Avatar
    Angela Thornell

    Dr. Sweet on is an incredible trainer. I recently purchased one of her on line trainings on EMDR and found it very helpful. Although I had a prior EMDR training in 2015 that was much longer , I learned so much more with Dr. Sweeton. I will definitely be taking another course with her.

    Kimberly Snyder Avatar
    Kimberly Snyder

    I attended Jennifer's two-day trauma certification seminar and it was by far the BEST and most informative seminar I've attended on trauma. Jennifer is very knowledgeable and really helps the clinician understand the brain and how particular interventions heal the brain and thus trauma in detailed, understandable steps. I now have valuable tools to add to my practice.

  • JoAnn Scott Avatar
    JoAnn Scott

    Learning about the brain-based neurobiology of trauma and varied trauma focused treatments has been incredibly helpful in validating and enhancing the trauma treatment work I do in the community mental health treatment setting! I am absolutely amazed at the knowledge I have gained in the past 2 days of training. Thank you Dr. Sweeton for sharing you knowledge and skills through this training.

    Danielle Fyffe Avatar
    Danielle Fyffe

    Dr. Sweeton presents the material in an easy way to understand. I've been using EMDR since 2015 and learned so much by listening to her present. I really appreciated how she was relaxed about how she does it, telling what has worked for her, and being OK with not being an EMDR purist. This is one of the few trainings I have attended that I will probably rewatch. Good and practical information.

    Decontee Davis Avatar
    Decontee Davis

    I was absolutely blown away by the knowledge and teaching skills Dr. Sweeton has. I attended her intensive trauma training and she effectively communicated a wide breadth of knowledge material a in a way that was easy to understand and retain. She goes at a great pace and always pauses for questions. Dr. Sweeton is a very talented clinician and instructor, I HIGHLY recommend her trainings to any and everyone! I will definitely be taking more of her trainings in the future.

  • Melissa Avatar

    I took Dr. Sweeton's Two Day Trauma Certification and it was excellent! She presented the material is an easy-to-understand manner and provided many concrete examples, which were incredibly helpful. She is incredibly experienced and knowledgeable in trauma. She also presented in an enthusiastic manner, which was an added bonus. I feel extremely optimistic about my ability to integrate these tools into my practice.I highly recommend her training!!!

    Margaret Heaton Avatar
    Margaret Heaton

    Dr. Sweeton is VERY knowledgeable and does not hesitate to share her knowledge with you. I found the two day trauma treatment course very informative and left with a number of tools I could immediately integrate with my clients. Thank Dr. Sweeton!

    Claudia Cacciato Avatar
    Claudia Cacciato

    I am taking an online EMDR course with Dr. Sweeton which I am extremely enjoying. I am grateful she is going over so clearly what happens in the various structures of the brain involved when someone experiences trauma. I also appreciate the objective and very kind guidance she has offered throughout, the logical order she has decided to present her information, and how well she answered participants questions.

  • Vanessa Brackett Avatar
    Vanessa Brackett

    This training was a great introduction to some evidenced-based models, as well as cutting edge ones.

    abbie ceesay Avatar
    abbie ceesay

    Dr. Sweeton's 2 Day Trauma Training was incredibly informative and captivating! She did a phenomenal way relating neuroscience to trauma. I highly recommend therapist to participate in this training!

    Suzanne Geiger Avatar
    Suzanne Geiger

    I just attended Dr. Sweeton's wonderful two day trauma certification course. It was beyond my expectations. One of the best courses I have ever attended. Not only did she explain the complex interrelationships of the brain and how it is affected by prolonged trauma exposure but she also demonstrated and gave us practical techniques to help heal each of these areas of the brain. This knowledge has greatly enhanced my counseling practice results.

  • Katrina McCourt Avatar
    Katrina McCourt

    A wonderful two day certification program. It was not rushed. Ample time was given to answer questions in the Q&A. The explanations were easy to understand. All in all it was well worth the money and time.

    Martha Guadamuz Avatar
    Martha Guadamuz

    I attended 2-Day Intensive Trauma Treatment Certification Workshop con la Dr. Sweeton. Thank you for this amazing training. Dr. Sweeton presented neuroscience in relation to trauma an easy to follow and understand way I now feel that I have a better grasp of neuroscience in relation to trauma. Dr. Sweeton provided different tools and techniques that I am excited to use with my clients, I will definitely recommend this training to my colleagues.

    Nancy Bates Avatar
    Nancy Bates

    I found Dr Sweeton's workshop extremely interesting and useful. I really enjoyed learning more about the brain and how it connects to trauma. I appreciated the many tools and techniques she presented. I also liked that I could present my questions and she answered them

  • Luana Faria Avatar
    Luana Faria

    Dr. Sweeton's Two Day Intensive Trauma treatment Certification Workshop was very informative, well organized, and very interactive. The materials and resources that she provided are very helpful. Thank you!!

    Kimberly Patrick Avatar
    Kimberly Patrick

    Excellent training!

    Jenny Cain Avatar
    Jenny Cain

    Fantastic overview of Trauma Treatment. I learned a lot. The information is very relevant. LOTS of resources provided.

  • Shanellie G Avatar
    Shanellie G

    Dr. Jennifer Sweeton was easy to follow in her two day trauma seminar. This was a great experience with enlightened information to incorporate into my practice. Great resources and examples. Thank you. I look forward to attending more of her seminars.

    Vince Ancona Avatar
    Vince Ancona

    Perfect balance of theory and application (heavier on application, thank GOD!) Dr. Sweeton is a natural born educator and therapist. So rare to find someone with this balance of skills. Everything was digestible, applicable, generous, and not overwhelming. So nice to have the neuro and evidence based research to back up these methods for psychoeducation with clients. Would recommend to ANYONE! 🙂

    Autumn Cooper Avatar
    Autumn Cooper

    Dr. Sweeton's 2 day Intensive Trauma Training was an interesting way to look at trauma utilzing a neuroscience perspective to help understand the way trauma affects the brain, and provided helpful techniques using multiple modalities that are easy to understand and can be implemented right away.

  • Lindsey Cotton Avatar
    Lindsey Cotton

    Dr. Sweeton's Two Day Trauma Certification training was amazing. Very informative and had great real world/practice applications. Many amazing tools I can't wait to use.

    Lauren Sundstrom Avatar
    Lauren Sundstrom

    I just spent two days listening to Dr. Sweeton discuss trauma, and how it affects the brain. Dr. Sweeton was very knowledgeable and was able to share that knowledge eloquently. I really appreciated the talk.

    Roger LaFleur Avatar
    Roger LaFleur

    Excellent workshop. I was amazed at how Dr. Sweeton can present complex materiin such a manner that it is made more simple.

  • Patty Merrill Avatar
    Patty Merrill

    Dr. Sweeton's Two Day Trauma Certification training was very well presented and extremely interesting. The materials and resources that she provided are very helpful. She made the training very interesting and interactive which makes it easier to internalize the information. Thank you!!

    Starlene Lewis Avatar
    Starlene Lewis

    I completed Dr. Jennifer Sweeton's 2-Day Intensive Trauma Treatment Certification Workshop webinar. The first day Dr. Sweeton provided education on the brain and how it functions. She broke the information down into understandable parts. Dr. Sweeton made more sense of the brain parts and functions than any training I have attended over the past 25 years. She provides slides that are not only informative, but hold your atttention. On the second day, Dr. Sweeton provided education and instruction on actual treatment techniques. I enjoyed and appreciated this information the most. Rarely have I attended a seminar where attendees are given education and guidance on actual treatment techniques along with handouts to use in treatment. It is evident she put a lot of time and attention into this well organized webinar. It was well worth my time and money. I would recommend it to anyone who works with clients who are struggling with trauma related issues.

    Aleena Vargas Avatar
    Aleena Vargas

    I just completed Dr. Sweeton's 2-Day Intensive Trauma Treatment Certification Workshop. She was able to beautifully explain the neuroscience of trauma and change mechanisms. I have taken MANY webinars and her presentation was far superior to the others. I am looking forward to her future workshops. The world of psychology is much richer with Dr. Sweeton.

  • Josh Lemley Avatar
    Josh Lemley

    Just attended the 2-Day Intensive Trauma Treatment Certification Workshop: EMDR, CBT and Somatic-Based Interventions to Move Clients from Surviving to Thriving through Pesi. It was amazing and very informative. Plan on using as much of this training as I can in my own practice.

    Leigh Willhelm Avatar
    Leigh Willhelm

    Dr Sweeton's Trauma Certification Course was fantastic! Well grounded in research but also practical in terms of how to implement in practice. Highly recommend.

    Lisa Stilwell Avatar
    Lisa Stilwell

    Dr. Sweeton's Trauma Certification course was by far and away the most informative and engaging training I have had in years. She was concise and very well informed on all the most recent science in regards to Evidence based treatments and brain science. I wholeheartedly recommend any training in which she is involved.

  • Tamar Bat El, Ph.D. Avatar
    Tamar Bat El, Ph.D.

    Dr. Sweeton did an amazing job of collating tons of relevant research, technique, and theory to help contextualize and inform evidence-based trauma treatment! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the neuroscientific backbone behind the somatic practices and exercises we have been using for years to help downregulate traumatized clients. Thank you Dr. Sweeton for simplifying the complex neurological mechanisms of trauma! I thoroughly enjoyed your training!

    angini mohammed Avatar
    angini mohammed

    I just did Dr. Sweeton's 2 day Trauma Intensive Certificate training. Excellent! It's intense and amazing. She took a difficult topic of the neuroscience of the brain and made it very accessible and understandable. I now feel that I know so much about the brain. I liked the overview of the integration of Narrative Therapy practices as I practice Narrative Therapy. Thank you Dr. Sweeton for demystifying EMDR and again making accessible and understandable. This has been some of the best money spent. I feel much more competent and confident as a therapist, thank you.

    Michael Holman Avatar
    Michael Holman

    I participated in Dr. Sweeton's two day trauma training and was very please with the material she covered and resources she provided. I would highly recommend this training to any clinician wanting to expand their skills in the area of trauma work.

  • Kristi Estrada Avatar
    Kristi Estrada

    Excellent educator and presenter! Understands the material and presents it in a manner that ensures the leaner does too!

    Jeff Frommeyer Avatar
    Jeff Frommeyer

    Dr. Sweeton was an excellent presenter! I highly recommend attending her future presentations and I will do the same!

    Lauren Burchill Avatar
    Lauren Burchill

    I attended a presentation on Dr. Jennifer Sweeton and it was great! I learned a lot of practical knowledge and skills which I can apply to my professional work.

  • Sandy Sample Avatar
    Sandy Sample

    I attended a webinar, "Neuroscience-based Trauma Treatment", presented by Dr. Sweeton. I was able to better understand the functioning of the brain and the effects of trauma through her presentation. Dr. Sweeton is a very engaging presenter and an expert in her field. I thoroughly enjoyed her workshop and recommend her books and trainings!

    Debi Lynes Avatar
    Debi Lynes

    I just finished Dr. Sweeton's presentation and I have already signed up to continue to receive more opportunities to learn from her. Her"user friendly" approach and ability to teach concept and practical interventions was extraordinary..

    Kate Alcamo Avatar
    Kate Alcamo

    I saw Dr. Sweeton present at the Psychotherapy Networker 2021 and she was fantastic. Never have I heard such a clear explanation of the brain.

  • Bruce the_Rogue Avatar
    Bruce the_Rogue

    Dr Sweeton did an amazing job of making the brain’s pathways understandable to me, and at same time linked this to how I can approach therapy with those experiencing trauma in a ‘timely’ way, and it made perfect sense. Her generous slides and materials spoke to the depth of her actual hands on experience in working with a great range of clients. And she speaks with compassion, showing her authenticity to the audience.

    Bobbi Jo Gross Avatar
    Bobbi Jo Gross

    Dr. Sweeton is an amazing presenter! She was able to clearly describe the neuroscience of trauma and the brain. The presentation was informative, practical and energizing. I could have listened for hours. If you ever have an opportunity, I highly recommend attending one of her workshops!

    Amy DeYoung Avatar
    Amy DeYoung

    She is a great presenter and super knowledgable! I highly recommend taking one of her courses.

  • Lisa Phillips Avatar
    Lisa Phillips

    Informative, encouraging and inspiring!

    Lynn Wadsworth Avatar
    Lynn Wadsworth

    Just attended a presentation and very impressed. She explains neuroscience of trauma very clearly

    Shelly Green Avatar
    Shelly Green

    Amazing! Just what mental health field needs bringing neuroscience into our mental health interventions

  • Seth Honeycutt Avatar
    Seth Honeycutt

    Just finished my second seminar with Dr. Sweeton. I always leave energized, curious and with knowledge that I can use with my clients. She has a way of making neuroscience understandable and applicable to everyone. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge.

    Katrina Arnold Avatar
    Katrina Arnold

    Dr. Sweeton's trauma-treatment conference was amazing! She spoke and explained how the brain works in terms I could easily understand. I own and use her trauma treatment toolbox book, and now have a better understanding of how to use the book. Lots of great techniques to use! Awesome speaker!

    Kaitlan Phillips Avatar
    Kaitlan Phillips

    I took her Neurobased Science seminar and it was absolutely amazing. She was extremely informative and kept us engaged the entire time. I took so many notes that I hope can further my research and work with my clients.

  • Alexis Zapata Avatar
    Alexis Zapata

    Phenomenal trainer, super insightful with great clinical experience to help correlate literature to direct practice.

    Shannon Kish McElroy Avatar
    Shannon Kish McElroy

    I attended the 2-Day Trauma Treatment with EMDR, CBT, and Somatic-Based Interventions. Dr. Sweeton is super knowledgeable and is able to break down complex information into bite-sized and easy to understand information. She is also very thorough!

    James Hoffman Avatar
    James Hoffman

    Dr. Sweeton is a presenter of neuroscience makes sense in simply descring the brain functioning. She easily describes how working with the brain can help in the healing process. How refreshing and motivating to use this material as background to effective therapy. I would highly recommend this webinar to others.

  • barb stanley Avatar
    barb stanley

    This was my third course with Dr. Sweeton. She continues to amaze me with her ability to take complex concepts and put them in terms that are accessible and easy to use. I so appreciate her teaching ability, and her willingness to share the things that work and WHY!

    Theresa S Avatar
    Theresa S

    I am a licensed psychologist and I have attended numerous trainings, workshops, etc. with various instructors. Jennifer stood out to me because she does an amazing job at presenting both evidence-based practices and cutting-edge directions in trauma work. She presents what helps clients in treatment with real world examples, but also how the healing components of the interventions may be adapted to fit clients' unique presenting concerns. I look forward to attending other workshops that she provides because I learned tremendously in just 2 days! Thank you very much!

    Debra Vereen Avatar
    Debra Vereen

    I recently took Jennifers Trauma Certification Course and found it to be very thorough and informative. I left with a working knowledge of several tools to benefit my clients.

  • Jill Wolski Avatar
    Jill Wolski

    Jennifer is an amazing presenter and educator! She is clear, precise, super organized, and focused as well as being extremely knowledgeable. I learned so much from attending her 2-Day trauma training. Thank you Jennifer!

    Melissa Forero Avatar
    Melissa Forero

    She does great work! I just completed the 2-Day Intensive Trauma Treatment Certification Workshop and it was amazing. She did a great job at providing background and context into the neurology of psychotherapy to then incorporate it into basic interventions to utilize. I feel excited for future trainings with Dr. Sweeton. She did an excellent presentation. Highly recommend her trainings and for patients to explore trauma work with her.

    Deborah Matott Avatar
    Deborah Matott

    Attended 2 day Trauma seminar with Dr. Sweeton through PESI. Was fantastic and she was very informative. Well worth it!

  • lance garrett Avatar
    lance garrett

    I am not currently a patient but I recently called the office for some advice I had about my girlfriends struggle with cptsd and they were the only ones that returned my phone call after getting numerous voicemails at other places. Thank you to who ever I talked to they helped more than they can imagine

    Catherine Milstead Avatar
    Catherine Milstead

    I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Trauma Treatment PESI Course and the accompanying Trauma Treatment on Telehealth workshops with Dr. Sweeton. She was engaging and knowledgeable, and clearly knows a lot about both the physiology and psychology of trauma and how to treat it with many modalities. I highly recommend Dr. Sweeton's courses and look forward to taking another one as well as perusing her website with all of it's free helps. Thank you Dr. Sweeton!

    Valerie Reynolds Avatar
    Valerie Reynolds

    I have attended webinars with Dr Sweeton and bought her book "The Trauma Treatment Toolbox". I have been a therapist for 12 years, with trauma treatment being my passion. I have to say that Dr Sweeton's trainings and book have made this incredibly broad subject, with so many nuances to treatment, MUCH more easily accessible. In particular, how she teaches different strategies for bottom-up vs top-down strategies to heal is a total game changer.

  • Chaundra Randle Avatar
    Chaundra Randle

    I recently participated in Jennifer's Trauma Treatment Certification Workshop and it was excellent. I've been in the field for over 20 years, and Jennifer shared information that was new to me. She provided great information and practical tools that I can easily utilize with my clients in therapy.

    Abu Lumpy Avatar
    Abu Lumpy

    This training was immensely helpful. I really appreciated the conceptualization of top/down vs. bottom/up approaches based on client presentation. What I valued the most were the interventions and having solid explanations to help the client understand the science behind them. These are the areas I felt shaky in before. This training boosted my confidence and I'm excited to bring these skills to my practice TODAY.

    christy g. Avatar
    christy g.

    I participated in Dr. Sweeton's trauma certification training and have not only walked away with a wealth of knowledge, but also inspiration. She provided excellent information regarding trauma and it's impact on the brain. She also provided ample time throughout the training to answer our questions. I can't wait to enroll in her other courses as this one was so well-done. Thanks so much!

  • Karen Tumbleson Avatar
    Karen Tumbleson

    Just completed the 2 Day Trauma Course. It contained tons of useful information and Dr Sweeton presented it in an engaging and interesting way.

    Michelle Dixon Avatar
    Michelle Dixon

    I have just completed the two day trauma training and feel very positive about the entire experience! Dr. Sweeton presents in a way that makes you feel comfortable, yet challenged. I have come away with new material and feel reenergized to utilize some techniques I have been using. I’m looking forward to her EMDR training next!

    Wrong Way Avatar
    Wrong Way

    Today I completed Dr. Sweeton's two day trauma course through Pesi. Going in to this course I thought I knew quite a bit about trauma and trauma treatment. WOW! The amount of new knowledge (and refresher of course...) was amazing! Dr. Sweeton presented real time information that I can use tomorrow with my clients. I highly recommend this course to other clinicians working in trauma.

  • Paige Barrette Avatar
    Paige Barrette

    Jennifer was absolutely amazing. I already had some neuroscience background and trauma training/experience, and I still learned SO many new and amazing techniques. Jennifer explains the trauma brain, and connects each area of therapy to how it impacts the brain, and how various trauma patients may react. I would absolutely recommend taking this course with her.

    Maria R Avatar
    Maria R

    Dr. Jennifer Sweeton, 2-Day Intensive Trauma Workshop: EMDR, CBT and Somatic-Based Interventions to Move Clients from Surviving to Thriving was a good experience, thanks !

    Amy Coe Goins Avatar
    Amy Coe Goins

    I recently participated in Jennifer's training for Trauma Certification and thoroughly enjoyed her teaching style and the techniques that we covered. I enjoyed learning the neuroscience of WHY particular techniques work in different ways which helps to determine what type of techniques to use with clients. I would highly recommend her trainings to any clinician working with individuals who have experienced trauma and am excited to begin incorporating new techniques into my work with individuals.

  • JJ Hdez Avatar
    JJ Hdez

    I attended the 2-Day Intensive Trauma Treatment Certification Workshop: EMDR, CBT and Somatic-Based Interventions to Move Clients from Surviving to Thriving and it offered me with the tools I needed to practice effectively with clients experiencing trauma and PTSD. I am now better prepared to listen to my clients and implement evidence-based methods into daily practice. Highly recommended for clinicians and anyone in the mental health field who wants to learn more about the effects of trauma in the brain.

    Amber Borges Avatar
    Amber Borges

    I attended Dr. Jennifer Sweeton's 2 day Intensive Trauma Treatment Certification Workshop. She was a phenomenal presenter who was both warm and engaging, as well as so clinically knowledgeable . I learned so many tangible, great tools to use in my practice! Run, don't walk and sign up for one of her seminars!

    A Lh Avatar
    A Lh

    I have only completed Day 1 of Jennifer Sweeton's 2-Day Intensive on: EMDR, CBT and Somatic-Based Interventions to Move Clients from Surviving to Thriving (Live Webinar). I learned so much about the mechanics of techniques I have intuitively used (being fairly new to the clinical field of my craft) and the physiological impact of them. This will help me explain the mechanics of the impact to my clients. I am even more excited about Day-2! I am even considering delving more into the neuroscientific aspect of this field.

  • Jennifer Feil Avatar
    Jennifer Feil

    I attended a trauma training by Dr. Jennifer Sweeton. Dr. Sweeton teaches in a way that is concise and easy to understand. She elaborates on concepts which are complicated so that attendees can really get a grasp on the content. She answered all relevant questions and provided her personal contact information to ask questions that may not have been on topic - I really appreciated this! She also often provided us with extra content that was not already part of the program but she thought would be helpful. She is very thorough and I look forward to attending more workshops lead by Dr. Sweeton.

    Tammy Wagstaff Avatar
    Tammy Wagstaff

    Jennifer's Two Day Trauma Training is fantastic. Very informative and practical!

    Susan Hardison Avatar
    Susan Hardison

    I am in the process of taking a two day Intensive Trauma Treatment Certification Workshop with Dr. Jennifer Sweeton. Though I have had a 25 year interest in Neuroscience and treatment implications, Dr. Sweeton's knowledge combined with her ability to TEACH the information in an engaging and interesting manner makes this training a more valuable education than ANY I have received to date. Her unbelievable grasp of the research and FACTS pertaining to Trauma, specific areas of the brain, and HOW Trauma affects each those area. Plus, her understanding of various evidenced based therapy techniques has already made it easier for me to see exactly how and why specific therapeutic interventions and practices actually work to shift and/or change the brain! Thank you, Dr. Sweeton!

  • Dominika Ventucci Avatar
    Dominika Ventucci

    I completed a trauma seminar with Dr. Sweeton and it was amazing! I was worried because I thought I have read about and trained in trauma and this course would therefore be boring with little new information. I was wrong! Dr. Sweeton not only was able to explain the neuroscience of trauma in a new and very compelling and memorable way she made connections I have never made on my own before and I came out with a much better understanding of trauma and the treatment. I would recommend Dr. Sweeton 100%. And I would seek therapy from her if needed it.

    Hannah Causey Avatar
    Hannah Causey

    I am doing a trauma training with Dr Sweeton and have loved it so far! I love all the techniques, tips and support she provides on the back end. I recommend and endorse her online trainings.

    Natalie Teeters Avatar
    Natalie Teeters

    I completed Jennifer's 2 - Day Trauma Treatment Workshop. It was amazing. Jennifer is very informative, she effortlessly discusses neuroscience and gives specific tools therapists can use to help clients with specific problems. I would highly recommend this seminar to therapist.

  • John Briggs Avatar
    John Briggs

    I completed Dr. Sweeton’s trauma course online and I highly recommend it. Working as a domestic violence counselor, I the information presented will help any professional gain the needed foundation for trauma treatment. Her presentations work to ensure the information is clear, timely and accessible for any counselor, social worker, psychologist or other provider.

    Marilyn Zielinski Avatar
    Marilyn Zielinski

    I just completed Dr. Sweeton’s 2 day trauma course online and it’s one of the best training courses I’ve ever been through. I feel like I have gained a rich conceptual foundation for trauma treatment. Top down, bottom up, and horizontal conceptual knowledge. She is a clear and concise presenter who incorporates experiential pieces into the presented materials. I have already begun incorporating what I have learned in my practice and I’m excited to take more of her courses. She offers a box of applicable tools and techniques for immediate use in practice. Highly recommend.

    Justin Sonny Brown Avatar
    Justin Sonny Brown

    I attended the 'Building A Resilient Brain workshop in Perth Australia. I have been working in the addictions field for many years but the information around Neuroscience can be a little difficult to understand and even more so apply with clients. Jens workshop I found to be outstanding, i learned more from her 1 day workshop than I have from lots of books I have read. Her style is engaging and her expertise impressive. For sure a five star rating. Ka mau te wehi-Justin

  • Robert Worton Avatar
    Robert Worton

    I completed my first online course with Dr Sweeton and it was informative, inspiring, and motivating. Each section provided me with new information to relay to clients and they were appreciative albeit they realised they were my guinea pigs for trialling the new techniques and psycho-education. I'm looking forward to more training and am excited to learn new options for treating various human conditions - thanks Jenni

    Amy Baker Avatar
    Amy Baker

    This was an amazing seminar. All the information provided is helpful/useful in my day-to -day practice. This program has given me the ground work to build off of in the future.

    Chantee Jiggetts Avatar
    Chantee Jiggetts

    I attended Dr. Sweeton’s Neuroscience of Mental Illness as part of the 3-part forensic training series and it was vey engaging and thorough. She provided such great and detailed information that will definitely be beneficial to anyone working with individuals within the field of forensics. I’m excited the next one.

  • Jane Howard Avatar
    Jane Howard

    I attended the first of a three-part series on forensic neuroscience taught by Dr. Sweeton. This first part was on the neuroscience of the brain. She explained the various parts and functions of the brain in a way that was easy to understand. She gave a lot of practical examples of how to integrate this information into clinical work with a wide variety of clients and mental health disorders.

    TinaMarie Hubbell Avatar
    TinaMarie Hubbell

    The first part of a three training series has been excellent! Dr. Sweeton breaks down difficult neuroscientific concepts into an understandable format. I appreciated her suggestions for bottom-up and top-down interventions and explaining what the goal is and why they work. Looking forward to the next two trainings!

    Chrysa Lawson Avatar
    Chrysa Lawson

    The seminar addressed all of the essentials of trauma treatment, giving me some confidence to practice in this complex area. Dr. Sweeton is easy to understand, does not dwell on non-essential items, and presents in a pleasant and friendly way.

  • Jenna SmartFit Avatar
    Jenna SmartFit

    Did a 2 Day Trauma Training with Dr. Jennifer Sweeton. She not only was amazingly informative but was very engaging. A two day (15 hour) training, can get old, but I found myself hanging on every word Dr. Sweeton said. Everything she taught furthered my understanding of the neuroscience of trauma and will enhance my practice.

    Ashley Eastman Avatar
    Ashley Eastman

    Intensive Trauma Treatment Certification Workshop: EMDR, CBT and Somatic­ Based Interventions to Move Clients from Surviving to Thriving Workshop was absolutely phenomenal. Dr. Sweeton provides a wealth of knowledge and application. Best workshop I've ever attended. Highly recommend her workshops

    Gunjani Patel Avatar
    Gunjani Patel

    Took her CCTP training through PESI and LOVE LOVE LOVE her teaching style. She has turned me into a new neuroscience nerd. I always had a love for neuroscience but never could remember the details after the course was done. With her now I know all the things and she makes it so easy to remember. Thanks again Dr. Sweeton for coming into my life. Your training has completely changed the depth of my trauma knowledge from a neuroscience perspective and knowing all the empirical details that I didn't know before.

  • Beth Dlouhy Avatar
    Beth Dlouhy

    I appreciated her experiences and knowledge, as well as her clear passion for treating trauma. Thank you.

    Janine Morehead Avatar
    Janine Morehead

    Thank you Dr. Sweeton. Your presentation was very informative and helped me in my practice. I like how you compared each treatment to the part of the brain. And thank you for using layman terms in your presentation. It was easy to follow.

    Lisa Salazar Avatar
    Lisa Salazar

    Dr. Jennifer Sweeton is very knowledgable and shares a plethora of information and applicable tools that can be used in the therapy room. She is engaging and provides research, evidence based therapies and modalities, and ways to truly help clients. I highly recommend her workshop and trainings!

  • Jessie Thompson Avatar
    Jessie Thompson

    Love her presentation, her affect and passion for trauma. Incredible information for even seasoned trauma focused therapists. Highly recommend!

    Alice Vlietstra Avatar
    Alice Vlietstra

    I completed Dr. Sweeton's 2-Day Intensive Trauma Treatment Webinar. She is a great presenter. She made neuroscience practical and easy to understand. I appreciated the breadth of her knowledge of therapeutic techniques and practical advice on how they are useful. I highly recommend this webinar.

    Anna Savage Avatar
    Anna Savage

    I recently took her 2 day Trauma Intensive Training. She packed a lot of information into 2 days that I can immediately use. Her style was clear and had a good balance of psychoeducation and practical, clinical skills. I would take another training with her.

  • S GusDombeck Avatar
    S GusDombeck

    I had the pleasure of increasing knowledge of brain science and how it relates to therapy. Dr. Sweeton's PESI 2 day trauma training was excellent and will inform my clinical work.

    Annika Blogs&video games Avatar
    Annika Blogs&video games

    Just attended a two day seminar taught by Dr. Sweeton. I had not heard of her before but I am so impressed by her teaching and the amount of information I have learned and can use right away. I have learned so many times about the parts of the brain but I felt like this time it really connected and made sense. She has a nice balance of science and practical tips.

    Bridget Boehmer Avatar
    Bridget Boehmer

    Completed a 2 day Intensive Trauma Treatment webinar with Dr. Sweeton. The information was top notch, and while I fully expected 16 hours of straight Zoom to be miserable, it was not, at all. As a clinician, it was extremely helpful and I really appreciated the neuroscience background. I Fully expect to use all of this information in my practice.I have one complaint, and it's a small one, and is probably less of an actual big deal than how it sat with me. Its less of a complain actually and more feedback, I guess. I'm a Licensed Independent Social Worker - so, I am independent clinician. I assume that there are a number of us viewing this webinar. A few times throughout the webinar Dr. Sweeton mentioned using social workers in her work, but the implication appeared to be that social workers are for resource location, immediate action plans, etc. While this is certainly true for some of us, and we all do a little bit of it, it just sat a little strange for me, as a LARGE portion of us are independent clinicians who do the clinical work, just as a psychologist would (with the obvious exception of psychometric testing).Again. That's a very small thing, and not really criticism, just feedback. The information was great, the powerpoint was well done and the delivery was good as well. I would definitely do another webinar with her.

  • Sherry Ryan Avatar
    Sherry Ryan

    I found Dr. Sweeton knowledgable and informative.

    Janice Mehle Avatar
    Janice Mehle

    Dr. Sweeton is very knowledgeable on the topic of trauma and treatments. She is a skilled presenter - kept me engaged and presented information in a way that was easy to follow and grasp.

    Maria Taylor Avatar
    Maria Taylor

    Dr. Sweeton is a fantastic presenter! She comes across as incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and confident. She easily explained fairly complex neuro-processes in a very digestible manner. I look forward to applying some of the principles and tools that she shared and look forward to taking more of her courses.

  • Nancy Restrepo-Wilson Avatar
    Nancy Restrepo-Wilson

    I appreciate Dr. Sweeton's exceptional knowledge and expertise in trauma work and her ability to teach complex concepts. I learned a great deal about the brain and how to change it in the direction of healing and health.

    james butts Avatar
    james butts

    I recently completed a 2-day Intensive Trauma Treatment Certification by Dr. Jennifer Sweeton. It was incredible! I'm a Clinical Social Worker and I found this training to be well-rounded with a mixture of empirical research, Neuroscience, and practice examples. I was never board during this training, even with completing it as webinar. Jennifer was engaging and did a great job of holding my attention over this 2-day training. I highly recommend this training and I'm going to keep an eye out for any of her future trainings.

    Kelley Bailey Avatar
    Kelley Bailey

    Dr. Sweeton has a gift for taking the topic of trauma, narrowing down the material and clearly expressing it in a way that is relevant to the training. She gives great examples that actually apply to trauma work and which are practical for use with clients. She shares her knowledge and materials freely. Truly a great teacher who cares about helping all of us who work with clients who have experienced trauma. I highly recommend her training and I know I will listen/watch this training material multiple times!

  • Anne Manske Avatar
    Anne Manske

    Dr. Sweeton has a treasure trove of valuable techniques and tool to use with patients. I found this training very valuable and helpful . She is generous with providing practioners with tools to use with patients. Very hands-0n!

    Wilson Santiago Avatar
    Wilson Santiago

    I was able to take a trauma training with Dr. Sweeton and was able to gain a wealth of information. Her delivery was very well understood. Her examples and helpful resources were great. Enjoy her expertise on trauma and her humanistic approach to training.

    Julie Solomon Avatar
    Julie Solomon

    I have completed several of Dr. Sweeton's Pesi trainings. Dr. Sweeton explains neuroscience in a way that is applicable and easy to understand. By attending Dr. Sweeton's Trauma trainings, I have deepened my understanding of how trauma affects the brain. Dr. Sweeton also provides extremely helpful handouts and exercises. I look forward to attending future trainings from Dr. Sweeton!

  • PJ Prather Avatar
    PJ Prather

    engaging, intelligent, and animated. best webinar i have attended!

    Ryan DeCook Avatar
    Ryan DeCook

    Did the 2 day Trauma Treatment course on PESI. It was fantastic. Very detailed with lots of great examples and information. I would definitely recommend and would take another course with her.

    Wendy Jacobs Avatar
    Wendy Jacobs

    I really enjoyed her seminar on trauma. Dr. Sweeton is incredibly detailed and thorough while making all the material very accessible. She enlightened material I was already familiar with even further. I feel very comfortable incorporating this information into my work.

  • Casey Steele Avatar
    Casey Steele

    One of the better speakers out there! She is a wealth of knowledge and you will come away from her presentation w/applicable skills you can put into practice immediately.

    Emily Kahn-Freedman Avatar
    Emily Kahn-Freedman

    This is an excellent training, Dr Sweeton is engaging and knowledgeable, it is a pretty broad overview but she provided tools for us to use immediately and directions for further study.

    Julia Vulic Avatar
    Julia Vulic

    I attended one of Dr. Sweeton's online trauma treatment trainings and found her to be extremely knowledgeable and thorough while still easy to understand. I liked how she intertwined some of the main takeaway concepts throughout the duration of the training so that they were easier to remember.

  • Cherylene Tucker Avatar
    Cherylene Tucker

    I really enjoyed the 2- Day Intensive Trauma Treatment Training presented by PESI with Jennifer. The most eye opening was the information on the brain. She presented it clearly in terms that allowed you to How the brains receives, transmits and processes information. Followed by a look on how trauma impacts the various areas of the brain. I look forward to sitting in more trainings with Jennifer.

    Kelly Baxley Avatar
    Kelly Baxley

    Jennifer is incredibly gifted at taking complex materials and breaking them down in a very systematic and easy-to-understand way. I highly recommend any of her classes and trainings.

    Kristen Guskovict Avatar
    Kristen Guskovict

    I've had the chance to take two of her online trainings, through PESI, including the one on teletrauma therapy and the trauma treatment certification course. I really appreciate her approach to trauma and her way of explaining it. I've participated in several trainings about trauma and the brain, which is always complex but her approach makes it much more accessible.

  • Deana Capozziello Avatar
    Deana Capozziello

    Dr. Sweeton's seminar's on trauma treatment and on tele trauma treatment were clear and informative. I highly recommend her seminars for practitioners who are new and seasoned clinicians.

    Melissa Symonds LPC Avatar
    Melissa Symonds LPC

    As always with Dr. Sweeton - clear and precise explanation, helpful and on point - obviously knowledgable in the field. I appreciate that she talks to us as professionals in the language we understand and can apply.

    Noreen Lange Avatar
    Noreen Lange

    Dr Sweeton presented an excellent Professional Development. Dr Sweeton has the gift of being able to take complex information and present it in a way that is easy to understand. I left this PD with much more understanding of the brain and practical tools to help clients build a resilient brain.

  • Jenny Lloyd Avatar
    Jenny Lloyd

    Jennifer's workshop on Building a Resilient Brain was very informative. She is an engaging and responsive teacher. It was very helpful to learn the neuroscience behind the techniques to improve mental health.

    Milica Deban Avatar
    Milica Deban

    I've recently attended Dr Sweeton's workshop in Brisbane and I really enjoyed learning about new developments in brain neuroscience presented in a enjoyable and engaging way. The material presented was educational and practical eg Brain Changing Interventions were especially helpful.I will highly recommend this workshop to my colleagues.Kind regardsMilica

    Megan McCabe Avatar
    Megan McCabe

    I attended the 'Building A Resilient Brain workshop on 02/08/2019. It was fantastic, very informative with lots of relevant content to practice. Jennifer presents the info brilliantly as well.

  • Denise Thomas Avatar
    Denise Thomas

    I attended the 'Building A Resilient Brain workshop on 05/08/2019. It was without doubt the best I have been to in a long time. Jennifer's knowledge and presentation style are excellent. The content was very informative and linked into intervention strategies that I can use in my daily practice, brilliantly.

    Julianne Williams Avatar
    Julianne Williams

    I attended the 'Building a Resilient Brain' workshop in Melbourne. Dr Jennifer was brilliant. The workshop was dealing with the latest research regarding neuroscience and the brain. Jennifer is so knowledgable in this area and made difficult concepts very accessible. Jennifer uses really clear metaphors to help understand how areas of the brain connect. The interventions that Jennifer presented in treating psychological disorders were purposeful and practical.

    Danielle Huebner Avatar
    Danielle Huebner

    I attended Jennifer's 1 day 'building a resilient brain' workshop in Melbourne. The workshop was engaging and informative . Jennifer has a fantastic presentation style and makes complex concepts practical and easy to understand. I highly recommend this course and I will definitely attend her future workshops.

  • Luis L Avatar
    Luis L

    I will admit, that this was perhaps one of the best seminars that I have ever attended. Dr. Sweeton was very knowledgeable and her ability to educate on such complex material in such a relatable way is amazing. This seminar has definitely improved my approach to providing better treatment to my clients.

    Sierra Guy Avatar
    Sierra Guy

    Jennifer provided an in depth view in the physical effects of crisis and trauma on the brain as to enable the student and practitioner to better understand the underlying effects and benefits of interventions such as EMDR. Her method of presentation and her expertise in the field allowed students and practitioners of all backgrounds and competencies to very effectively obtain a solid understanding of the emotional and somatic effects of short-term, long-term, large scale, personal and social trauma in regards to physiological response and effective intervention. I look forward to attending many of Dr Sweeton's seminars in the future as this seminar has had a profound impact on my studies and evential area of practice.

    Heather Hunt Avatar
    Heather Hunt

    I took Dr. Sweeten's EMDR class. She is a highly knowledgeable professional and extremely engaging. Not only does she present in a way that is easily understood but she makes it exciting and practical to apply. I look forward to taking a class from her again.

  • Traci Witt Avatar
    Traci Witt

    Her presentation was very informative and practical. I appreciated how she intertwined the research with her personal experiences. Her examples better allowed me to understand the material. She is extremely engaging and the 2 days went by way to fast. I would definitely go to any other presentations she does!!!!!

    Martha Villafrade Avatar
    Martha Villafrade

    Dr. Sweeton was not only extremely knowledgeable about neuroscience and how it translates to counseling professionals, but was able to explain it in such a demystifying way that made the material approachable and memorable. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and my interest for neuroscience has only intensified as a result of my attendance.

    Beth Asaf Avatar
    Beth Asaf

    Just finished Dr. Sweeton's course on EMDR and want to say how much I enjoyed it. She is brilliant and I totally loved listening to her discuss the brain science involved in EMDR. I would definitely take another course with her!

  • Mark Rogers Avatar
    Mark Rogers

    Just took the 2-day EDMR workshop. Can't say how much it has helped me to better understand the applications of EDMR. Thanks Dr. Sweeton.

    James Washington Avatar
    James Washington

    Learning EMDR from the best... I took the 2 day EMDR training. I have been to other trainings out there and this was the best! Dr. Sweeton knows what she is doing and she know what she is talking about. I will be looking for all of the other things that she is doing.

    Mary Johnson Avatar
    Mary Johnson

    Hello. I took the 2 day EMDR with Dr. Jennifer Sweeton. Before I took the course, I was very skeptical. I mean, you see a lot of materials out there about it. I finally decided to take it and I'm so glad I did. Dr. Sweeton is a great speaker and teacher. For someone like me (I admit- I'm a bit shy), I was able to receive the instruction along with all of these people- and I didnt feel like I was going to mess it up. Plus, I felt that if I did mess it up, then Dr. Sweeton would be right there to help. What an experience... one of the best trainings I have ever been to.

  • Nancy Cross Avatar
    Nancy Cross

    Excellent presenter with both academic and experiencial knowledge of the topic. Dr. Sweeton presents her in-depth knowledge in a professional, yet friendly manner that keeps the viewers' interest. By giving participants the opportunity for hands-on learning, she incorporates additional avenues of learning. kAdditionally, she is receptive to questions, yet is cognizant of relevance and timing. Well done! I will seek her out in the future for other workshops.

    Devin Utz Avatar
    Devin Utz

    Dr. Sweeton is super knowledgable and the 2 day EMDR webinar is a great overview to present EMDR! It hits on all of the aspects of EMDR general rules while also showing the flexibility of the therapy. Dr. Sweeton answers all questions and makes sure you have what you need to get started with this therapy. She understands the body and it is so interested for her to presents exactly why this therapy works for a person. I will definitely be looking up more trainings by Dr. Sweeton.

    dawnel kuhn Avatar
    dawnel kuhn

    I really enjoyed the 2 day EMDR training. The training was informative and made me feel comfortable in being able to use techniques taught. This experience made me want to continue further in using EMDR.

  • Kelly Smith Avatar
    Kelly Smith

    I learned so much in my EMDR seminar! Dr. Sweeton is very knowledgeable and profession. I will definitely take more seminars with her.

    Shannon Higgins Avatar
    Shannon Higgins

    Dr. Sweeton offered a 2-Day, in-depth training on EMDR. This course was very well done. Dr. Sweeton took us through every step of the process and explained everything as we went. It offered the right balance between theory and practice. I didn't have any previous training before now. This course makes me much less reluctant to employ this technique in my practice. Get this course!

    Jenna-Brie Engelke Avatar
    Jenna-Brie Engelke

    I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to watch Dr. Sweeton in a live webcast on EMDR. Her presentation was easy to follow, she did not deviate from her slides, and she was clear and concise. Her knowledge and expertise made me feel confident that I was getting some of the best initial training in this technique.

  • Janett Barksdale Avatar
    Janett Barksdale

    This 2 day EMDR course is the best one that I have taken. Dr. Sweeton has a wonderful way of explaining the concepts so that you get it- get it. She doesn't rush it. She gives you all of the materials that you need to increase your competence. I'm telling you... if you want to get a handle on EMDR... this is the one to take!

    Xavier Justice Avatar
    Xavier Justice

    Dr. Sweeton is among the giants and geniuses of trauma and this EMDR - 2 day course was one of the best. She clearly articulates the theoretical and the practical underpinnings of EMDR and showcases the "how to's" in a way that helps you to quickly develop your acumen and make you a better clinician. I am on a mission to get everything she has done...

    Brad Forsgren Avatar
    Brad Forsgren

    Dr. Sweeton is very knowledgeable and organized. She presents things in a way that make sense out of why the various therapeutic techniques work in the brain. This is my second training by her, and it is well worth it. I am recommending her to my co-workers and clients.

  • Rachael Dudley Avatar
    Rachael Dudley

    Great author and presenter

    Taylor Rose Avatar
    Taylor Rose

    My name is actually Ashley Green. Google wouldn't allow me to sign in with my work account so yeah. Here is my review! Just took the two day workshop/webinar! Absolutely wonderful workshop! Learned a ton of new information. She is well versed in the brain, trauma and treatment! Thank you so much!

    Holly Akli Avatar
    Holly Akli

    This was a very helpful training! I am already EMDR trained and it was a great way to refresh that training and to put EMDR in perspective of the bigger picture of trauma treatment. Jennifer Sweeton is very generous with tools and resources for the clinician to use in their own practice.

  • Meghan R Avatar
    Meghan R

    I completed a 2-day Intensive Trauma Treatment workshop (webinar) and gained SO much useful information. I have several new techniques to use in practice that I feel very hopeful about. It's always nice to listen to a presenter that genuinely cares about educating peers and is excited about the material. Thank you!

    Linda Wagner Avatar
    Linda Wagner

    I have taken three trainings so far with Dr. Sweeton, and I believe she is the smartest person I’ve ever met. She can explain things so that they are clear, precise and make total sense. I plan on attending many more seminars with her.

    Kelley Johnson Avatar
    Kelley Johnson

    Attended the virtual Advanced EMDR training; my first with Dr. Sweeton. I was super impressed with, first of all, the technological success and then the material and presentation kept my attention and was easily accessed! It was a great interweave (intentional :)), of review and new information. Thank you!

  • Steffani Wooley Avatar
    Steffani Wooley

    This is my 2nd or 3rd training with Dr. Sweeton and I am blown away every time. There is so much information that I always review it again after at least once. Dr. Sweeton is extremely knowledgable about what she's teaching and gives that knowledge in a way that is so easy to understand. The skills she teaches are great for clinical use as well as practical, personal use. I could not be more happy with her trainings!

    Leslie Anderson Avatar
    Leslie Anderson

    I found Dr. Sweeton to be an excellent presenter. She was clearly knowledgeable, and was able to synthesize information seamlessly while holding attention on a web-based presentation--I'm sure she'd be wonderful in person, post COVID-19. I will look for more trainings that she is offering.

    Pam Thorp Avatar
    Pam Thorp

    Very informative seminar!

  • Lisa James Avatar
    Lisa James

    I have attended the basic EMDR and the Advanced EMDR for Complex Trauma seminars and absolutely love Dr Sweeton's teaching style, she makes it so easy to understand! She puts it in words that allows you to relate to it yourself and for your clients. The handouts are super easy to use and helpful when using EMDR with clients!

    Victoria Powell Avatar
    Victoria Powell

    I attended the 2-day EMDR training and it was very informative and helped me really wrap my head around how EMDR works on the brain so that I can pass this education on to my clients. Great training!

    Natalie Lanning Avatar
    Natalie Lanning

    Dr. Sweetons presentation on EMDR-A Rapid, Safe, and Proven Treatment for Trauma was informative, easy to follow and understand, and provided me with the confidence needed to move forward with mastering EMDR with in my practice.

  • Ann Fasching Avatar
    Ann Fasching

    This was the first training I took from Dr. Sweeton and it was very impressive. She is so knowledgeable and it was so helpful with specific tools. Her background in neuroscience was very evident

    Chilando Chitobolo Avatar
    Chilando Chitobolo

    I enjoyed the the EMDR course and it was packed with rich materials. It was an eye opener especially for me as an undergraduate studying counseling. I loved the approach that Dr. Sweeton took to eduacte me on this topic. I had no idea that emdr therapy can be used in healing a wide range of Psychological problems. Thankyou so much Dr. Sweeton for imparting my life.

    Jane Fitzpatrick Avatar
    Jane Fitzpatrick

    I just completed a two day live video webcast with Dr. Sweeton on EMDR A Rapid,Safe, and Proven Treatment for Trauma. I have participated in several live webcasts in the past and this one was excellent. Her background in neuroscience really served to clarify for me the structure of the brain and its correlates to trauma and the effectiveness of EMDR. The specificity of what exercises to utilize to target certain areas of the brain moving forward will be invaluable in my clinical practice. I will certainly be registering for any further opportunities that become available to study with Jennifer Sweeton.

  • Willie Redman Avatar
    Willie Redman

    This was my first training in EMDR. Dr. Sweeton has done an excellent job presenting the information and the demo of strategies has been stellar. I am a LSCSW and have a private practice. This training is a valuable resource and the materials included are unbelievable! I will definitely watch the videos included in the resources. I plan to take more courses offered by Dr. Sweeton.

    Mary Van Luven Avatar
    Mary Van Luven

    Dr. Sweeton has an incredible ability to take highly intellectual material and communicate it in terms that are easy to understand. She is a wonderful presenter. I highly recommend any training she offers.

    Ric Keefer Avatar
    Ric Keefer

    I attended the EMDR session 2/20-21/2020 Dr. Sweeton provided concise and clear information. She provided insights into neuroscience that I could understand. The educational materials assisted in clarification of this abundance of information. Dr. Sweeton was incredibly knowledgable. Her presenting skills allowed me to feel that I have gained great knowledge and a great deal of application experience awareness. Thank you for the simplification and exposure.

  • janine hill Avatar
    janine hill

    Attended her 2 day seminar on EMDR through PESI February 20th and 21st.This is the second seminar I've attended by Jennifer.She is an Excellent presenter who delivers content material in a way we can all understand. She has excellent resources for download and willing to answer questions outside of seminar.Thanks Jennifer !

    Janet Beverley Avatar
    Janet Beverley

    I have attended three presentations by Dr. Sweeton and found her to be exceptionally well-trained in neuroscience. She simplifies a very complex process with her detailed graphics and her ability to break new information down to "bite size" pieces. I will not hesitate to send clients to her for healing trauma, addictions, and other psychological issues.

    Melissa Maine Avatar
    Melissa Maine

    Yesterday I attended Dr. Sweeton's presentation "Trauma and the Brain" and it was absolutely fabulous. In over 30 years in Child Welfare I believe it was one of the best seminars I have ever attended. Dr. Sweeton presents in an engaging and easy to understand manner. The material helped to put together so many pieces of the puzzle that we see with the children and families we work with and provided practical suggestions and ideas on how to help. I would recommend this training for front line workers and supervisory staff in Child Welfare as well as educators and clinicians. Melissa Maine, LCSW-R

  • Kevin Haley Avatar
    Kevin Haley

    I have attended 3 workshops taught by Dr. Sweeton - and my recommendation could not be higher. Her ability to synthesize the more complex aspects of brain physiology, emotional complexities and cognitive processes - and then present it at such a "kitchen table" conversational language is truly gifted.Also, the various "helps" she teaches us allow us to bring to our clients (alongside talk-therapy) truly beneficial results in their day-to-day emotional lives.I strongly recommend two things that have been of great help to me; enroll in her monthly subscription offering AND take advantage of many of her seminars. As a bonus, Dr. Sweeton is quite generous in allowing us to use her own printed materials - which have been very beneficial in informing clients exactly what steps we are taking where we are headed.This high endorsement comes from someone who has spent nearly 30 years of study, training and experience in seeking to be beneficial to others in moving toward greater emotional well-being.Kevin Haley

    Brittany England Avatar
    Brittany England

    I attended Dr. Sweeton's PESI course on Neuroscience and Trauma last year and I received so many helpful tools. I highly recommend taking any course from her. She is a clear presenter and incredibly knowledgable.

    Jennifer Winchell Avatar
    Jennifer Winchell

    I attended the Diagnosis & Treatment Workshop by Dr. Jennifer Sweeton on November 22, 2019 and the presentation was excellent. It was easy to follow, super informative, and she kept your attention and there wasn't ever a moment where I was "bored" with the presentation. She kept my attention the whole time and I look forward to being able to attend any of her other trainings in the future. She worked in the science piece of the brain with her presentation that made things make so much more sense in the reasoning. The examples and practice moments she gave was able to provide a lot of insight and things I could start to incorporate into my new social work position.

  • Brenda Smith Avatar
    Brenda Smith

    I learned a lot at Dr. Sweeton's Trauma Treatment Toolbox presentation (Stormont Vail 11/22/2019). One of the things I appreciate most is her presentation style which provides in-depth understanding of neuroscience for non-scientists. This allowed me to come away with language that I can share with clients about how and why the various trauma treatments work. This is very helpful for encouraging compliance with exercises they should do at home, on their own. Dr. Sweeton's presentation was thorough and gave many treatment interventions that I can use NOW with clients.

    Alison R Avatar
    Alison R

    Dr. Sweeton’s presentation on trauma was excellent. As a clinician, she tied the neuroscience and therapeutic intervention in a practical and helpful way. She is engaging and offers easy to understand lecture on a complex topic.

    Morgan Swisher Avatar
    Morgan Swisher

    Jennifer is a wonderful teacher, with an excellent educational layout that was easy to follow. I appreciated all of the updated evidence based research and key points she highlighted throughout the presentation.

  • Robert Harder Avatar
    Robert Harder

    This training is great. Built insight as to how the brain works and correlates with reactions and experiences. Really enjoyed the trainer who was extremely knowlegeable and shared information in a way that really helped to understand process and techniques.

    J W Avatar
    J W

    This is an amazingly clear and detailed presentation. We got into details about the brain that were not shared in other presentations. I believe I will take the information back to my practice and use it. I am glad I was able to participate. I have been frustrated by other vague presentations but this information was concrete and actionable.

    Timothy Apodaca Avatar
    Timothy Apodaca

    I attended the Neuroscience of Addiction and Treatment presentation by Dr. Sweeton on 11/1/19, at the Annual Conference of the Greater Kansas City Psychological Association, and it was phenomenal. Dr. Sweeton was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she presented, and was very effective at conveying complex information in an engaging manner. I would definitely attend future workshops or presentations by Dr. Sweeton.

  • Lisa Ardizzone Avatar
    Lisa Ardizzone

    I attended Jennifer Sweeton's 3-day EMDR Certification Course and learned SO much. EMDR went from being an illusive hard-to-grasp treatment to something I now understand and feel comfortable using with clients. Thanks so much, Jennifer!

    tessa arvizu Avatar
    tessa arvizu

    Jennifer Sweeton's EMDR training was outstanding! She is very knowledgeable and very natural and she makes it fun and engaging! I have been a therapist for almost 20 years and how she presented EMDR and incorporated science with therapy makes me excited for my clients. As a therapist ,Ifeel and think that this is exactly what I've been waiting for and Jennifer Sweeton's enthusiasm and knowledge made this possible! I recommend going to Jennifer Sweeton's EMDR training at least once in your professional life.

    Susan Thomas Avatar
    Susan Thomas

    I just completed the 2 day EMDR Certificate Course with Dr. Sweeton. It was very thorough, well paced and explained complex brain functions and the 8 phase protocol very effectively. I was trained in EMDR 15 years ago (part I) and never completed part II b/c the population I worked with was so unstable and I feared doing harm.This course was an exceptional review for me and has given me confidence to move forward with EMDR in my work, even with very challenging ED children. Thank you Dr. Sweeton!

  • Michele Wiest Avatar
    Michele Wiest

    I just finished the last day of a three day training. It was fabulous, never done anything with EMDR before. I found it easy to follow the presentation material and Dr Sweeton was easy to learn from. It apparent she is an expert in her field. I would highly recommend attending one of her trainings.

    debbie cunningham Avatar
    debbie cunningham

    Dr. Sweeton is a great presenter who keeps my attention and is full of knowledge. She really knows the brain and its development. This EMDR certificate course has been so enlightening.

    Mark Schmoyer Avatar
    Mark Schmoyer

    I attended the Neuroscience for Clinicians seminar taught by Dr. Sweeton and I was extremely grateful for the information I learned from her. The information naturally can be complex and complicated but Dr. Sweeton explained it in a understandable way, and in a format that progressively built on top of past information. Learning about brain structures and how it impacts therapy, diagnoses, treatment, and conceptualization was very helpful and added to my interest and appreciation of this field to the therapy process. I would definitely recommend the seminar to anyone interested.

  • Molly Magahy Avatar
    Molly Magahy

    Dr Jennifer Sweeton's 2 day EMDR training is amazing. Dr Sweeton's inclusion of the neuroscience behind trauma and EMDR was a great addition to the general EMDR training. I would highly recommend Dr Sweeton as a trainer and will definitely be attending more of her training's in the future.

    Blair Somerville Avatar
    Blair Somerville

    I attended Dr. Sweeton's 3 day EMDR training through PESI, and I really learned a lot from it. She explained everything very clearly, and incorporated plenty of time for questions. The pacing of the seminar was really well done, and never felt rushed or overly drawn out.

    George Belton Avatar
    George Belton

    Excellent presenter. Information well laid out. What I think was the best though was her willingness to take and completely respond to questions in a positive way. She presented the intricacies and the neurology of EMDR well.

  • Gwen Higgins Avatar
    Gwen Higgins

    Went to her PESI seminar on EMDR. Great presenter,well organized, a lot of relevant info.

    manon wathier Avatar
    manon wathier

    I attended " Building a resilient brain" in Brisbane on 2nd August 2019.Jennifer is truly an inspiration! I learned a lot on the day and came out wanting to run a resilience group at work ( mental health rehab setting).She really knows her stuff and no question was left unanswered. Without any hesitation I recommend this workshop to any mental health professional. I'm an OT and it was definitely worth it!

    Shelli Snyder Avatar
    Shelli Snyder

    Dr Sweeton's EMDR workshops are incredible. Extremely organized, informative and practical. Everything I hope for in a continuing education course!

  • sayogee pe Avatar
    sayogee pe

    I attended the 'Building A Resilient Brain workshop on 02/08/2019. It was fantastic, very informative with lots of relevant content to practice. She really captivated everybody in the room with her knowledge and delivery. Her book 'Trauma treatment toolbox" worth buying, very easy to read, thanks for signing it for me 🙂

    abbott jordan Avatar
    abbott jordan

    Attended Jennifer Sweeton's webinar, "Neuroscience for Clinicians, Brain Change for Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Moods and Substance Abuse. Although this was an all day webinar I found the presentation to be quite informative, providing me with much knowledge about brain function,, symptoms and treatment measures that I did not previously possess. She also provided information that validated measures I was already utilizing. An all day webinar has the potential to being taxing but I found that Dr. Sweeton's manner of presentation and focus on connecting brain functions to clinical relevance held my interest and attention throughout. This webinar certainly met and exceeded my expectations and left me with new ideas to use in treatment.

    Mark Fastner Avatar
    Mark Fastner

    Dr. Sweeton's style of presentation is personable. She takes a complicated subject such as neuroplasticity and breaks it into easy to understand concepts and then into useful techniques in order to help patients heal.

  • Jennifer Garcia Avatar
    Jennifer Garcia

    Attended live online training "neuroscience for clinicians" - AMAZING. I am fully attuned to the information, love the visual slides shes using, very knowledgeable, I will continue to look for future trainings from Dr Sweeton. I will use this info right away in my private practice!

    Print Woman Avatar
    Print Woman

    Psycho-therapy is filled with quack-practitioners, so it was incredibly uplifting to be taught EMDR by a true scientist, one who is able to elucidate the subject matter by explaining the scientific rationale behind each element of the therapeutic process. After all, the best way to learn a new topic is to understand it! Dr. Sweeton is a fast-paced and articulate lecturer, and I feel my investment was money very well spent. She has my highest recommendation.

    Debra Wrazin Avatar
    Debra Wrazin

    I recently attended Dr. Sweeton's training in Buffalo and it was excellent. It was the best training I have ever attended, extremely helpful to my practice, and her knowledge is exceptional. I highly recommend that if you have an opportunity to attend one of her trainings it would be invaluable especially for social workers/counselors dealing with clients that have a trauma history however the information can be applied with all clients.

  • Milo Milburn Avatar
    Milo Milburn

    I just completed the three-day EMDR intensive with Dr. Sweeton. I am deeply appreciative of what I received, including the valuable practice sessions applying EMD and EMDR. I have had a couple of EMDR trainings prior to this, and while they were helpful, this was by far the most helpful. The first day presentation on neuroscience was excellent context for the components of EMDR practices. Dr. Sweeton was very generous in terms of helpful materials. My EMDR competence took a definitive step forward.

    Lisa Tolliver Avatar
    Lisa Tolliver

    HIGHLY recommended! If you're a mental health clinician who works in the field of trauma treatment or eating disorders, I highly recommend you receive ANY of Dr. Sweeton's trainings that you can. I received EMDR training from her and it was top-notch! There are many trainers with whom you could contract for EMDR training, but her educational background gives her a far 'deeper bench' of knowledge, and it SHOWS. (She holds a Doctoral degree from Stanford Med. School, studies in behavioral genetics from Harvard Med, an additional Masters' in affective neuroscience (also, Stanford), and a stint at the National Center for PTSD.) Though neuroscience is her passion, don't, however, think that she'll talk in 'jargon.' She explains the science behind the therapeutic interventions in a way that any clinician can understand! Furthermore, she does so without watering down concepts-- which is quite a feat. At the end of the first day, I overheard several clinicians remark that Dr. Sweeton was the first trainer they had who could explain the neuroscience of trauma & healing in a manner they could understand. Several said that they now felt empowered to teach about the psychobiology of trauma and recovery with their clientele! If you are seeking a source of excellent, professional-level training, Dr. Sweeton's courses should be your first choice.

    TimandMichelle Marriageguyandgal Avatar
    TimandMichelle Marriageguyandgal

    I have been wanting to take an EMDR course for quite some time to use with my counseling clients who have experienced trauma and abuse. I could not have chosen a better introduction. Jennifer Sweeton went into depth on the neuroscience as well as the protocols, covered the nuances, and gave insightful and attuned feedback. Practice opportunities were well conducted. Her passion, compassion, knowledge, and relatability made what could potentially be a heavy topic into something manageable and exciting to learn. I definitely feel prepared to begin using EMDR with my clients in the near future.

  • Michaela Wilber Avatar
    Michaela Wilber

    Recently attended a training in Buffalo by Dr. Jennifer Sweeton! She was absolutely incredible. I would highly recommend a training by her. She is so knowledgeable and is able to explain things so well. Definitely worth ones time to attend one of her trainings. Thank you for the awesome Training Jennifer!

    Cheryl Mead Avatar
    Cheryl Mead

    Easy to understand presentation with immediately applicable tools and interventions! Highly recommended!

    Terri Kasprzak Avatar
    Terri Kasprzak

    I attended a 6 hour workshop of Dr. Sweetin's in Buffalo re: Brain based Therapy and Practical Neuroscience for Trauma, Developmental Trauma, Attachment, and Emotional Regulation. I could have sat and listened for 6 more hours. It was fantastic!

  • Mike Elphick Avatar
    Mike Elphick

    I was thoroughly enthralled with Dr. Sweeton's presentation regarding the brain and trauma. It was a wealth of valuable and practical information. It helped to shed light on people's behaviors and how to effect change for them.

    Deborah Perry Avatar
    Deborah Perry

    I attended the seminar and was impressed by the relevant knowledge I received and will be able to use in my practice. Thank you Dr. Sweeton.

    Nicole Albertson Avatar
    Nicole Albertson

    I attended Dr. Sweeton's conference on neuroscience for clinicians and learned a great deal about how the brain communicates, functions, and relates to mental health diagnoses. Dr. Sweeton was informative, organized, and relevant to today's clinicians, especially those of us working with traumatized clients. I highly recommend her seminars.

  • Carri Nash Avatar
    Carri Nash

    Jennifer is knowledgeable, from the brain neurobiology to the practical application of EMDR. Her 3 day course was hands down one of the best CEU courses I've ever attended. Her teaching style is down to earth and approachable.

    Larissa Bateman Avatar
    Larissa Bateman

    Dr. Sweeton is incredibly skilled and easy to work with.

    Tamela Christiansen Avatar
    Tamela Christiansen

    Dr. Sweeton exceeded my expectations and then some. Her presentation was informative, entertaining and gave me more data, research, and application then I could have hoped for. It was time and money well spent. She is my new guru.

  • Nancy N. Avatar
    Nancy N.

    Jennifer rocks! She really knows her stuff and she's organized. One of the best trainings I've had.

    Alicia Todd Avatar
    Alicia Todd

    Dr. Sweeton is an extremely knowledgeable presenter. She distilled very complex information into a very accessible format that participants havig a range of clinical experience could use. I would attend any workshop or presentation offered by her

    Jack Horn Avatar
    Jack Horn

    I attended Jennifer's training in order to improve my trauma practice and add new skills to my therapist "toolbox". I received much more than I expected. I have been able to use her training in my practice from day 1. Her approaches are practical, efficient, and simple and her many worksheets and handouts helped me to put my training to use immediately.

  • Melissa Scarfone Avatar
    Melissa Scarfone

    I attended Dr. Sweeton's seminar, Neuroscience for Clinicians: Brain Change for Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Moods and Substance Abuse. She was fabulous. I have attended neuroscience-type seminars in the past and gained a spotty understanding of the material but Dr. Sweeton presented the information with such clarity, I felt I had an immediate understanding of brain structures and the role they play in many psychological disorders. It undergirds the theory and practice of counseling and therapy. I feel I have many more tools in my toolbox for the work I do with college students with disabilities. I HIGHLY recommend attending her presentations; I hope to have the opportunity to do so again. Melissa Scarfone

    Patricia McAteer Avatar
    Patricia McAteer

    I recently attended a seminar led by Dr. Sweeton - it was so informative. I learned so much from this seminar.

    Kathy Musslewhite Avatar
    Kathy Musslewhite

    Dr. Sweeton was wonderful. Very informative. I do trauma work and found her practical, intervention suggestions very helpful.

  • Nan Fitzgerald Avatar
    Nan Fitzgerald

    I attended "Neuroscience for Clinicians" in Timonium, Maryland on Friday, March 1, 2019. This was an OUTSTANDING presentation and I would highly recommend it for anyone working with people and/or groups therapeutically, nurses, and others who would benefit for this information. As a Licensed Clinical Therapist, LCSW-C, the information was "on-time" and pertinent to my scope of practice. While clinical in nature, the course was also taught in an easy to understand framework and questions were welcomed throughout the seminar. Great course!

    The Couple and Family Clinic Avatar
    The Couple and Family Clinic

    I was at the talk Jennifer gave a few weeks ago at Turf Valley. Of all of the CEU events I've attended since becoming licensed (5 years ago), hers was one of my top 3 favorites. She is an excellent presenter. Thanks again!

    Maria McCabe Avatar
    Maria McCabe

    I just completed a training on Neuroscience with Dr Sweeton at Arlington, VA. I enjoyed it very much, not just for the updated information but for her knowledge and willingness to share it with the participants. I highly recommend this training to professionals who want to bring something tangible to their practice. The knowledge is applicable and brings a different perspective on depression, anxiety, trauma, anger and other presentations we as clinicians see on a day to day.

  • Phylicia Baker Avatar
    Phylicia Baker

    I attended Dr. Sweeton's Neuroscience for the Modern Clinician training and was very pleased! She tied together research, training and real-life experience in order to show the powers of neuroscience in action. The focus on mindfulness tools was also very helpful given my department's strategic plan over the past few years has been to increase the understanding and use of mindfulness throughout our setting.

    nora staring Avatar
    nora staring

    My Colleagues and I attended Jennifer's training on Neuroscience and the Modern Clinician. We have been studying and learning a great deal about Neuroscience and Trauma but were so excited at how comprehensive and clearly Jennifer was able to present this valuable information. She added greatly to our understanding and provided us with take away techniques to assist clients, immediately. Her understanding of the field and ability to explain it was excellent. I hated to get up and leave for a rest room break in fear I'd miss something! I would attend this training again because it was so valuable and so filled with current information that I could not retain every bit:)

    Sally Caldwell Avatar
    Sally Caldwell

    Dr. Sweeton was very knowledgeable and responded to every query. She presented highly technical information with concrete analogies and personal experience stories and repetition, linking each piece of new information on top of previously learned information. She was joyful; sustained energy; and generous with links to rich resources.

  • Sarah Blake Avatar
    Sarah Blake

    I had the pleasure of viewing a 2-day neuroscience training, which was fantastic. Dr. Sweeton is down to earth and is an excellent speaker. She made the material easy to understand and provided information that will definitely help my practice going forward.

    Virginia Walker Avatar
    Virginia Walker

    Dr. Sweeton was just in Alaska as presenter of a Neuroscience conference. It was the most educational, easy to understand explanation of what happens in the brain with different behavioral changes. Thank you for teaching the techniques that will make a difference in patient outcomes! I can't wait to attend another conference where you are the presenter.

    D Stamm Avatar
    D Stamm

    Excellent refresher course on Neuroscience for clinicians. Jennifer provided a ton of resources and studies to augment our learning experience. Additionally, she generously included valuable and practical interventions that will help my clients with their multiple anxieties and trauma. Very satisfied.

  • Amy Michalak Avatar
    Amy Michalak

    Absolutely wonderful, informative, practical, straight forward presentation!

    diana lark Avatar
    diana lark

    I recently attended a seminar entitled: Neuroscience for Clinicians, taught by Dr. Jennifer Sweeton.Dr. Sweeton is an excellent presenter, extremely knowledgeable and engaging. She was able to present an enormous amount of information on brain anatomy, pathways, and networks in relation to behavior. Clinical interventions were presented highlighting the neural pathways engaged.Dr. Sweeton evidences at deep knowledge of affective neuroscience and clinical therapy and is both informative and engaging as a presenter.Highly recommended.

    Karen Dudgeon Avatar
    Karen Dudgeon

    Attended the PESI Neuroscience for Clinicians training in Syracuse NY. Presentation was all I hoped it would be.

  • Jonathan Crandall Avatar
    Jonathan Crandall

    Dr. Sweeton's seminar "Neuroscience for the Modern Clinician" rejuvenated my passion for the field. A tremendous wealth of knowledge presented in a comprehensible format.

    Janelle Pysz Avatar
    Janelle Pysz

    Dr. Sweeton was an amazing presenter! I attended her training on neuroscience in Buffalo and learned so much! She was very interactive, funny and engaging. I recommend her training and would attend another if it becomes available to me.

    Courtney Huddleston Avatar
    Courtney Huddleston

    Dr. Sweeton is an excellent presenter on Neuroscience and Therapy! I had the opportunity to participate in a webinar through PESI where she presented on Neuroscience-Informed Therapy, and she was thoroughly informative about foundations of Neuroscience related to mental health as well as great at teaching the application in psychotherapy for clinicians. I would definitely attend another seminar of hers and will be using this foundational information for the rest of my career.

  • Kelsey Russchelle Avatar
    Kelsey Russchelle

    I have been a patient of Dr. Sweeton since 2016. She is hands down, THE BEST psychologist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Starting at about five years old, I started seeing countless therapists all the way into adulthood for multiple traumas and ongoing disorders. I never really connected much with any of them, nor did I feel like they actually helped me. Dr. Sweeton has been the only one that I have connected with, felt completely comfortable with, and has helped me make progress in my mental health journey. She is very kind, down-to-earth, patient, understanding, and helps educate you about your mental health as well. I'm always so intrigued to learn from her. Dr. Sweeton gave me faith in the power of mental health professionals again. I am so grateful to have her as my psychologist and I only wish that I found her sooner. She has been such a blessing to my life! I very highly recommend her if you're looking for an amazing psychologist!

    Wendy Carrington Avatar
    Wendy Carrington

    I recently attended "Neuroscience Informed Therapy" with Dr. Jennifer Sweeton. Dr. Sweeton was an excellent speaker. Her in depth knowledge of the brain was exceptional and her ability to relate it to human behavior was fascinating. Understanding the function of the brain is critical to helping clients be able to create real change in their lives. I highly recommend this course.

    Catherine Mcconnell Avatar
    Catherine Mcconnell

    I am already heavily biologically based but didn't have a strong foundation. This was a MAJOR step up! I can now better explain to my clients what is going on and am now better able to tailor exercises to what they need. I feel like this should be required for every clinician. I was already a fan, but this only solidified it. Will defenitely be keeping an eye out for more trainings and her new books!

  • Susan Parker Avatar
    Susan Parker

    Dr. Sweeton is an outstanding presenter of very valuable information. Her knowledge and presence demonstrate her compentency and expertise.

    Jordana Cohen Avatar
    Jordana Cohen

    Neuroscience for the Modern Clinician was one of the best and most helpful seminars I have been to in a while. The information presented was interesting, presented clearly, and supplemented with examples of practical application. Would definitely recommend!

    Bekka Sartwell Avatar
    Bekka Sartwell

    I recently attended a neuroscience seminar conducted by Dr. Sweeton. This seminar has helped me sharpen my focus in applying neuroscience in my therapy practice. This is easily my favorite and also one of the most useful courses I have taken from PESI. I highly recommend taking one of her seminars.

  • Chelsea Brustad Avatar
    Chelsea Brustad

    Fantastic presenter! She was able to really connect with every profession in the room. She is passionate for this topic and it really showed in her presentation. She truly believes in her research and has the evidence to prove it! I have used her techniques with my clients and they report that her techniques really help!

    Greg Volk Avatar
    Greg Volk

    At a recent workshop given by Dr. Sweeton regarding neuroscience and therapy, I was impressed with the depth and breadth of her knowledge as well as her ability to present the information in a professional and relatable manner. Excellent presentation!

    Lisa Ottenhoff Avatar
    Lisa Ottenhoff

    I had the opportunity to attend Dr. Sweeton's 2-Day Mastery Course on Neuroscience Informed Therapy in NYC. I was very impressed with Dr. Sweeton's instructional style. She has taken a very complicated topic and delivers it in a way that is easily understandable and very informative. The information that she presents is definitely a great addition to my therapeutic tool box and I have gained a great deal of techniques and information to pass along to my clients.

  • AnnaJackie ZonenSoboti Avatar
    AnnaJackie ZonenSoboti

    Thank you so much much for an incredibly informative seminar on Neuroscience. I already started applying some of the techniques with my clients and can’t wait to share more. You’ve sparked my curiosity and interest in this subject matter and I can’t wait to further my knowledge on it!

    Lyndee Retzlaff Avatar
    Lyndee Retzlaff

    I attended one of Dr Sweeton's lectures in Seattle recently. Not the first I have attended on Neuroscience, BUT the first I have attended that showed me how to use my knowledge to create a more effective treatment plan. Excellent information, presented clearly and with humor. Dr. Sweeton has a high degree of knowledge and experience that she shares generously. Both my clients & I say a big "Thank you!"

    Andrea Betting Avatar
    Andrea Betting

    I recently took Dr. Sweeton’s trauma certification class, online. She was engaging, entertaining and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend her classes.

  • Kate Buffington Avatar
    Kate Buffington

    I really enjoyed her class on Neuroscience and the Modern Clinician. My only complaint was that one day was not enough!

    LauraMaery Gold Avatar
    LauraMaery Gold

    I'm a researcher and author on Dr. Sweeton's subject matter. She provided well-documented data that will take my research (and my clinical counseling work) in new directions. Well worth the time and money.

    Lloyd Hannemann Avatar
    Lloyd Hannemann

    The one-day seminar, Neuroscience and the Modern Clinician, was full of valuable information and useful tools. The presentation would've been better served had it been two days.

  • Antoinette Walker Avatar
    Antoinette Walker

    This was my first neuroscience training. I was already excited about this work but Jennifer really provided information in very clear and easy to understand terms. Also provided numerous resources that will be helpful with my clients. I would have loved this to be 2 days as the afternoon materials could have been expanded. Great training!!!

    Bekah Whitney Avatar
    Bekah Whitney

    I attended Neuroscience and the Modern Clinician by Dr. Sweeton and it was easily the best CEU seminar I've ever attended. Dr. Sweeton's approach was easy to follow, dynamic and her expertise really shined through. I appreciated learning a new approach to neuroscience topics I've been studying for years. I walked away with so much more knowledge and a better mind-body understanding of stress responses and interventions. I appreciated the layout of the seminar and how much information Dr. Sweeton was sharing in a one day training. I hope to take more courses from Dr. Sweeton in the future!

    Richard Wheeler Avatar
    Richard Wheeler

    This was easily one of the best trainings I have ever attended. Dr. Sweeton does an excellent job of explaining complex concepts in an easy-to understand way. She provided specific tools to apply these concepts directly to clinical work. It was an interesting, informative, and engaging seminar - the day went by so fast! I plan to attend any training of hers in the future.

  • Nancy Eveleth Avatar
    Nancy Eveleth

    I recently attended a workshop Dr. Sweeton presented on "Neuroscience and the Modern Clinician". She is a great speaker. She presented the material in a way that everyone could understand and that kept my attention. The treatment interventions she reviewed, including examples from her own work with clients, was especially helpful. I left the workshop feeling motivated and excited to implement what I had learned. I would take another workshop from her in a heartbeat!

    Deirdre Donchian Avatar
    Deirdre Donchian

    Dr. Sweeton was a wonderful presenter. She had a lot of material to cover in our EMDR training. She was clear concise and balanced the neuroscience with useful practice models. I will seek her out for future trainings. I can highly recommend Dr. Sweeton as an inspiring educator.

    Steve Peters Avatar
    Steve Peters

    I recently had the opportunity to attend the PESI training that Jennifer Sweeton, Psy.D., M.S., MA, presented regarding Neuroscience and the Modern Clinician. I've been to several trainings regarding neuroscience, but not one of them was able to present the information in such a detailed, clear and applicable way. The information presented was specific to professional mental health therapist and was easily accessible for application with client's. Understanding the link between mind-body-mental health was very enlightening to say the least, and has encouraged me to research more in this field to better serve my clients. I highly recommend any one that has not attended a seminar/presentation/training by Jennifer to find the nearest one and sign up! You will not be disappointed! 5 star presenter!

  • Kelly Woodward Avatar
    Kelly Woodward

    I had the opportunity to attend a PESI training that Jennifer Sweeton, Psy.D., M.S., MA, lead. It was called Neuroscience and the Modern Clinician. I've been to many trainings and this was definitely in the top two. The information she gave was tailored to mental health therapists and the information and tools were applicable and were things we could apply right away with our clients within the scope of our practice. It also made me excited to do further research on the mind-body connection and the brain. I highly recommend working with Jennifer if possible or attending a training in the future.

    bjgraham Avatar

    I recently attended Dr. Sweeton's seminar: Neuroscience for the Modern Clinician and the title doesn't lie. I've been out of graduate school for a while and the information provided during this seminar made me realize I have a lot of catching up to do in regards to where the field of psychology intersects with neuroscience nowadays. There has been a lot of progress made in our understanding of the various brain pathways, how they relate and where they intersect. I feel that the material presented was solidly research-based and up-to-date. The subject matter was complex but it was presented in an exceptionally direct, clear and 'make sense' way that made it easy to understand. Dr. Sweeton knows her stuff and kept the audience engaged all the way down to that 4pm end-of-day hour.In addition to basic information about the brain and its functions, the course provided practical guidance on how to translate all that technical information into clinical insight and then took it another step further. Dr. Sweeton laid out a useful roadmap of the specific therapeutic interventions that would best serve a particular client. The information about the more non-traditional, more body-focused rather than cognitive-focused interventions was especially useful. Turns out there has been a lot of research done in that area, finally.I was looking forward to attending the seminar because I'm science-minded and thought it would catch me up on the latest research. Goal accomplished. The unexpected bonus is that I came away with new insight and new tools that will immediately impact how I work with some of my most challenging clients.

    Monica Kelly Avatar
    Monica Kelly

    Dr. Sweeton was impressive in her knowledge of the topic yet relaxed and very approachable. Her presentation was lively and extremely informative. The material was well organized and left me wishing we had more time to delve deeper into this fascinating topic. I will be on the lookout for other workshops by her in the future.

  • Andrea DiBenedetto Avatar
    Andrea DiBenedetto

    I love Jennifer Sweeton. I went to her workshop on Neuroscience for Clinicians and it was by far the most informative workshop I have ever attended!! The information was relevant to my practice and it made me want more. I will attend any or all workshops presented by her in the future. I would even repeat this workshop as I feel there was sooo much information that was important to know. Thank you!!!

    Chris Healey Avatar
    Chris Healey

    I attended Dr. Sweeton's "Neuroscience For Clinicians" seminar several weeks ago. Many times I've walked away from seminars and trainings that were all good in their own ways, but felt like there just wasn't enough explanation or discussion about "X". Jennifer, in my opinion, made what could have easily had been a weekend introductory course, a manageable and understandable training. She's extremely knowledgeable and professional, along with an easy-going way of presenting the material.

    gwen owen Avatar
    gwen owen

    She did a wonderful seminar! Usually I become very bored in seminars, however Jennifer was captivating and kept my interest for two days. I learned a great deal from her!

  • Jonathan Hopps Avatar
    Jonathan Hopps

    The teaching and learning was incredible. The materials were thorough and great references to access after the 2-day training. I felt confident and competent to embark on using EMDR with my clients walking out the door after day two. Jennifer's website has even more resources to access to additional tools.

    Lisa Ottenhoff Counseling Avatar
    Lisa Ottenhoff Counseling

    Dr. Sweeton does a great job at presenting a subject that can be very complicated. She is very personable and approachable as well. This is my 2nd seminar with her.

    Lori Tully Avatar
    Lori Tully

    The training is rich with information I can apply right away in my practice.

  • Brianna Angèle Avatar
    Brianna Angèle

    Dr. Sweeton is extremely knowledgable, not only in the current best-practices and cutting edge methodologies being used to treat trauma, but also the neurological processes and implications involved in trauma and healing. Her workshop was very informative and left me feeling significantly more prepared to begin working with trauma in my clinical hours. As a graduate student, Dr. Sweeton took the information from my trauma course and brought even more breadth and depth to my training. I am excited to continue learning and look forward to a more advanced workshop in the future after some time practicing what I learned!

    KC Sturgis Avatar
    KC Sturgis

    I attended a 2-day Trauma Treatment Workshop with Dr. Sweeton and it was very helpful. The interventions covered (somatic-based, CBT and EMDR) were practical and easily applied to my work with clients. I appreciated that Dr. Sweeton connected the interventions presented to the brain science and research to give the backing of why specific interventions are helpful and beneficial for specific symptoms and issues clients are facing. Great training and I would definitely attend another training with Dr. Sweeton.

    Darcie Sharp Avatar
    Darcie Sharp

    I recently attended Dr. Sweeton's 2-Day Workshop: EMDR, CBT & Somatic Based Interventions in Sacramento, CA. I was absolutely captivated by Dr. Sweeton's knowledge, expertise and exceptional ability to convey the subject matter in a way that was easily understood, retained and immediately applicable to both my professional and personal life. I left with a renewed sense of hope and excitement in working with those who suffer from traumatic experiences. I would highly recommend attending her workshops.

  • Jennifer Lux Manz Avatar
    Jennifer Lux Manz

    I recently took a Live Webinar training with Dr. Sweeton through PESI. I was more than impressed with her level of expertise as well as her knack for explaining complicated information in a manageable, user-friendly way. She has sparked a professional curiosity in me that I look forward to pursuing!

    Sandi John Avatar
    Sandi John

    Although I have had significant training and experience in treating trauma, Dr. Sweeton’s training provided a missing element. I left with new understanding of what brain structures each treatment approach targets and the likely mechanism of action. This information will greatly enhance the psychoeducation I provide to clients and my assessment of what interventions to use. I also greatly appreciated Dr. Sweeton’s very professional and also caring, respectful teaching style. She welcomed questions, dialogue, information from others and was clear when she did not know something. I highly recommend Dr. Sweeton’s training.

    Erica Wright Avatar
    Erica Wright

    I just attended Jennifer's excellent seminar on neurobiology and trauma. She is an amazing presenter and easily explains complex systems dealing with psychotherapy, trauma and recovery. I highly recommend her work to any clinician working in mental health.

  • Molly Stanley Avatar
    Molly Stanley

    Amazing!!! Just finished the first of a two day training. So much relevant information presented in a meaningful and applicable way. She is so knowledgeable, honest, real, and a FANTASTIC presenter!

    Jennifer Henderson Avatar
    Jennifer Henderson

    Attended Brain-Based Therapy conference in Buffalo, NY, and left with so much useful information! Jennifer kept my attention every minute of the workshop. She was enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, and skilled at explaining in ways that were easy to understand. So glad I chose this conference, and highly recommend it.

    jen yerty Avatar
    jen yerty

    Great training from PESI and Dr. Sweeton on trauma. Her info on neuroscience was easy to comprehend and very helpful in treatment of trauma. Less about EMDR and more about other therapies would have been helpful.

  • Jennie Jorgensen Avatar
    Jennie Jorgensen

    Very helpful and informative 2 day event that will continue to enhance my practice skills with clients. Jennifer is a highly skilled clinician with a honest and genuine approach to working with clients!

    Kevin Brooks Avatar
    Kevin Brooks

    I greatly appreciated the vast amount of information that was presented in the two day training and the way in which it was presented - lot of great examples of how to take the information and make application to folks we are providing services to - found it very helpful.

    Beverley Duke-Young Avatar
    Beverley Duke-Young

    Dr. Jennifer Sweeton is an awesome speaker. I got sooo much from this training, learning not only very useful information but confirming my ability to do some of this very meaningful work in my therapy practice. Great seminar!

  • Mania Butler Avatar
    Mania Butler

    I attended Dr. Sweeton’s two-day trauma training in Portland Oregon and I learned so much from her. She is highly educated, passionate about helping others and well-equipped to add value to professionals in various fields.

    Frederick Marschner Avatar
    Frederick Marschner

    Recently attended a training in Buffalo, NY with Dr. Sweeton on Brain Based Therapy and Practical Neuroscience. . The training and the presenter were very well organized and the information I obtained through this training has become a valuable addition to what I share with my clients. If given the opportunity I would recommend attending one of her trainings.

    Mike Koch Avatar
    Mike Koch

    I very much appreciated Dr. Sweeton's excellent presentation, Neuroscience for Clinicians. Her knowledge of and expertise on the subject matter was exceptional and understandable. I am coming away from the training with so more relevant and applicable information and techniques for working with my entire caseload. It has especially given me hope and confidence for addressing some of my most difficult cases. I would highly recommend this training to anyone providing therapeutic services to any clientele.

  • Susan Bella-Nesbitt Avatar
    Susan Bella-Nesbitt

    I recently attended Dr. Jennifer Sweeton's 3-Day EMDR conference in Monroeville, PA and she was so thorough and knowledgeable in her experience and training-she's AMAZING! I really enjoyed how well she explained the treatment techniques and I have used what I have learned in my practice already! Thank you so much!

    Milton Woolley Avatar
    Milton Woolley

    I found Jennifer ‘s class to be extremely enlightening, practical and very interesting. I have been an MFT for 40 years and I think Jennifer’s class was one of the best I’ve experienced in my career. Thank you Jennifer!

    JoAnne Butz Avatar
    JoAnne Butz

    I attended Dr. Sweeton's 3 day EMDR Certification Course in Monroeville, Pennsylvania last week. I learned so much during those 3 days! The presentation was clear, concise, and very hands on. I would gladly take another course with Dr. Sweeton.

  • Elaine Rinfrette Avatar
    Elaine Rinfrette

    Went to a one day training with Jennifer. She is extremely knowledgeable on the topic of the neurological bases of trauma and interventions to help clients overcome symptoms of trauma. She is a great speakers, approachable, and responsive to questions and comments. I highly recommend her seminars.Elaine Rinfrette, MSW, PhD

    Joseph Viana Avatar
    Joseph Viana

    An excellent presentation on the impact of trauma, anxiety and substance misuse on neuro functions .

    Dylsaw Mom Avatar
    Dylsaw Mom

    Dr. Sweeton's Neuroscience for Clinicians was one of the rate presentations that not only provide foundation knowledge but practical tools and strategies that we could incorporate in our programming immediately. I highly recommend this training.

  • Amber McGowan Avatar
    Amber McGowan

    Neuroscience for Clinicians was an outstanding seminar that tied clinical research to practical application. Dr. Sweeton's explanations of 'the way things work' with the human brain and the impact on socio-emotional, physical, and spiritual health provided not only a clinical basis for treatment, but also a layman's approach to share basics with clients. I left the one-day seminar craving more information; I will definitely attend this seminar again when it becomes a two-day seminar with more focus on treatment strategies!

    Angela Fagginger-Auer Avatar
    Angela Fagginger-Auer

    I attended a neuroscience for clinicians training by Dr. Sweeton a few days ago and completely enjoyed it. She did a great job presenting the information, was knowledgeable and an overall great presenter. I would definitely be interested in seeing her present in the future.

    Diane Riopelle Avatar
    Diane Riopelle

    I recently attended an all day seminar titled: Neuroscience for Clinicians, taught by Dr. Sweeton. Seminars do not usually capture my full attention for the entire day but I found this one to be a bit different. Dr. Sweeton was very knowledgeable about the subject matter, was very organized in her presentation, and kept it interesting by sharing case examples. I would be very interested in attending other seminars given by Dr. Sweeton.

  • Doug Schnackel Avatar
    Doug Schnackel

    Excellent information that I am immediately able to apply to my work with kids. Dr. Sweeton presented content in a manner that was well-balanced between basic and advanced information, and readily understood.

    Lynne Unger Avatar
    Lynne Unger

    I recently attended a workshop with Dr. Sweeton. Her knowledge of the material was excellent. Her presentation of a complex topic was easy to follow and understand. She added humor which makes, what was sometimes dense information more interesting.

    Shannon Miles Avatar
    Shannon Miles

    It is rare that I feel inspired and excited about conferences anymore, however Dr. Sweeton was remarkable. I am impressed with the thoroughness of her material, the clear and concise manner of her teaching and writing as well as her approachable nature. I would highly recommend her presentations and materials for anyone looking to improve the quality of care they provide.

  • jeff beyer Avatar
    jeff beyer

    Dr. Sweeton's course on Neuroscience was great. It was well organized, and packed full of pertinent and useful information that I can use with my clients. She is very knowledgeable and presents the material in an easy to understand way. It was one of the best courses I've attended.

    Michelle Trent Avatar
    Michelle Trent

    Dr. Sweeton was very knowledgeable in the training I attended about Neuroscience for clinicians. This is, by far, one of the most instantly useful training that I've attended throughout my career. I was able to leave the training and put into place the activities, tools and skills she discussed. More than that, I knew WHY I was using a particular technique and why it would be helpful for my clients.


    I attended Jennifer's Neuroscience workshop a few weeks ago. In my 23 years of practice, this one-day workshop is one of the best! I heartily recommend it. Well done, Jennifer! Thank you for renewing my passion and energy for this amazing work we do.

  • Wayne Parisien Avatar
    Wayne Parisien

    Dr. Sweeton was an excellent presenter and had a lot of knowledge about neuroscience and it was nice learning from her.

    Aimee Franson Avatar
    Aimee Franson

    I truly enjoyed her training. For the first time in a long time I felt like I learned new material. I highly recommend her resources. Very knowledgeable.

    Dave & Michele Johnson Avatar
    Dave & Michele Johnson

    I attended Dr. Sweeton's seminar last week Friday and was energized by the practical information and scientific facts behind many of the interventions we use. She was very knowledgeable and the day flew by like minutes. I can give my clients a better understanding of the why behind the techniques now.

  • Lula Lovin' Galyean Avatar
    Lula Lovin' Galyean

    I had the privilege of attending Dr. Sweeton's Neuroscience for Clinicians one day training. Dr. Sweeton turned a traditionally boring topic into a fascinating one that seemed to complete a missing piece of the therapeutic puzzle. I hope to attend another training in the future.

    Mary Hamm Avatar
    Mary Hamm

    I attended Dr. Jennifer Sweeton's Neuroscience for Clinicians last week. It was amazing. She was very knowledgeable about her subject. It helped renew and energize an interest of neuroscience within me. She gave practical interventions that I have already put into place in my practice. I would definitely go hear her again if the opportunity arises.

    Melissa Featherstone LCSW Avatar
    Melissa Featherstone LCSW

    Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable and delivers her information with clarity. She is great about answering all your questions. I learned many practical ways to increase positive outcomes for some of my difficult to treat clients. I wish it had been several days long. Thanks Jennifer

  • Ellen Walker Avatar
    Ellen Walker

    The seminar was career changing! I was able to better conceptualize the literature and information I had previously learned from Bessel Van Der Kolk, Eric Gentry, Brenee Brown and view from the neurological lens. Dr. Sweeton shared critical data in a succinct, reader-friendly way along with techniques applicable to specific treatment areas corresponding to areas of the brain. I have already been implementing said techniques into practice.

    Roberta Pool Avatar
    Roberta Pool

    I attended Dr. Sweeton's neuroscience conference last week. I really enjoyed her presentation style. She took time to answer questions, discussed practical applications and provided many different resources that I felt confident taking back to my clients. Neuroscience is not my wheel house, but I was able to understand and follow along Dr. Sweeton's presentation very well. I would highly recommend attending any presentation done by Dr. Sweeton, and hope to attend another seminar myself.

    Brian S. McCallum Avatar
    Brian S. McCallum

    Dr. Sweeton is not only knowledgeable, but also practical. She is well-versed in the clinical research yet knows how to translate findings to apply in the trenches of work with clients. I attended her all-day workshop in Illinois, and I wish the workshop were 2 days longer!

  • DIANA LOHSE Avatar

    I was so impressed by the PESI programOn Neuroscience for Clinicians by Dr Jennifer Sweeton. She was an excellent presenter and I learned a great deal from this program! Amazing information, treatment and interventions presentedThank you so much!

    Mac Avatar

    I attended Dr. Sweeton's Neuroscience for Clinicians seminar a few weeks ago. It was very informative and insightful for me as I serve as a mental health diagnostician. I have attended many CE seminars over the past 4 years, but it is unprecedented that Dr. Sweeton gave all the attendees online access to the materials presented during the seminar and other practical tools that can be used in my practice. I am excited to review them all for me to become a better helper. I would like to be notified of CE events or other certification courses Dr. Sweeton presents in my area in the future.

    Crystal Williams Avatar
    Crystal Williams

    Rooted in research balanced with a real world practical approach. Thank you, Dr. Sweeton!