About Dr. Jennifer Sweeton

Originally trained as a neuroscientist, Dr. Jennifer Sweeton is a Stanford-educated clinical and forensic psychologist specializing in trauma treatment and the neuroscience of mental health.

Trauma Treatment Toolbox:

165 Brain-Changing Tips, Tools
& Handouts to Move Therapy Forward

US Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author in Clinical Psychology
Publisher: PESI Publishing

Train Your Brain Card Deck:

100 Techniques to Heal Trauma
and Build Resiliency

Publisher: PESI Publishing

Eight Key Brain Areas of Mental Health and Illness

Amazon Best-Seller in Medical Mental Illness
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company

Traumatic Stress Recovery Workbook

New research has revealed specific techniques that create neurogenesis & neuroplasticity in key parts of the brain affected by PTSD, leading to a more resilient brain after trauma. This workbook offers forty easy, effective, brain-changing techniques for overcoming PTSD that you can do right away.

Release date: 11/01/2022 – Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

Speaking and Training

Dr. Sweeton is a sought-after professional speaker in the areas of mental health, neuroscience, and the treatment of trauma, and has trained more than 20,000 professionals in all 50 US states and….


Dr. Sweeton offers a variety seminars, workshops, and keynote speeches for mental health professionals, corporations, and the public…

1-on-1 Services

Dr. Sweeton offers 1-on-1 psychotherapy, brain-based coaching, and consultation services.

forensic services

Dr. Sweeton has experience as an expert witness and forensic evaluator in capital murder, personal injury, workers compensation, and criminal defense cases. She also has extensive experience …..