trauma mastermind groups for clinicians

Make new connections, and deepen your own integration.

Two types of trauma mastermind groups are offered:

  1. Early Career Trauma Specialists (under 10 years of experience): $200/month

  2. Advanced Trauma Specialists (10+ years of experience): $200/month

These 6-month mastermind groups meet twice per month for 55 minutes (via video teleconferencing), and focus on building and deepening expertise in trauma treatment. Group sizes are limited to six licensed professionals, and each session includes 2-3 “hot seat” spots, ensuring each clinician receives direct, case-related feedback from the group once per month. Common topics discussed and processed in the trauma mastermind groups include:

  • The “nuts and bolts” of trauma treatment, such as EMDR, CPT, TF-CBT, or PE implementation

  • Enhancing fidelity, in addition to modifications to, evidence-based therapies

  • Attachment-based techniques and consideration

  • Ethical and boundary dilemmas

  • Therapeutic use of transference/countertransference

  • Incorporating neuroscience research into clinical practice

  • Managing risk and reducing barriers to treatment

    And more, depending on the particular expertise of the group!

To join us, or to schedule one-on-one trauma treatment consultation sessions, contact Dr. Sweeton at