eBook: Re-wiring the Brain for Better Mental Health


eBook: Re-wiring the Brain for Better Mental Health

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This 48-page eBook presents step-by-step scripts and instructions for 15 brain-changing interventions you can begin using with clients tomorrow! Want fast treatment recommendations and brain-based techniques for trauma, addiction, anxiety, and depression, and supporting research? It's all here!

Table of Contents:

I. The Neuroscience of Anxiety

II. Anxiety Technique 1: Diaphragmatic Breathing

III. Anxiety Technique 2: Four-Count Breath

IV. Focused Breathing Research

V. Anxiety Technique 3: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

VI. Progressive Muscle Relaxation Research

VII. Anxiety Technique 4: Trainspotting: The Mindful Check-In

VIII. Open Awareness Techniques Research

IX. The Neuroscience of Trauma

X. Trauma Technique 1: Sensory Sensitization

XI. Sensory Techniques Research

XII. Trauma Technique 2: Heart Connection

XIII. Interoception Techniques Research

XIV. Trauma Technique 3: Heartbeat Balance

XV. Trauma Technique 4: Focusing Away, Focusing Near

XVI. “Focusing Away” Research

XVII. The Neuroscience of Addiction

XVIII. Addiction Technique 1: Mindful Craving Check-In: HALT

XIX. Addiction Technique 2: Autogenic Training

XX. Autogenic Training Research

XXI. Addiction Technique 3: Focus Meditation

XXII. Focus Meditation Research

XXIII. The Neuroscience of Depression

XXIV. Depression Technique 1: Compassion Meditation

XXV. Compassion Meditation Research

XXVI. Depression Technique 2: Third Person Perspective

XXVII. Cognitive Reappraisal Research

XXVIII. Depression Technique 3: Bhastrika Breath

XXIX. For More Information

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