Presentation and Book Reviews

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“I attended your training today and it was fabulous. I have attended lots of neuropsychotherapy courses and this was by far the best. Really helpful – thank you!”

— Natalie R., Sydney, Australia

“Thank you for such wonderful training yesterday. It’s so refreshing after being in the field for over 20 years, to go to training that is not only interesting and educational but so relevant and applicable to my work…. I walked away with not only reinforcement for the work that I do but so new techniques to use... I have just purchased your ebook. That has made things much easier for me, so that I don’t have develop my own scripts and worksheets. Thanks you for the great resources.” ”

— Kristen C., Melbourne, Australia

“I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful course. I just finished my Trauma Certificate Program. Your course was the last one that I took after taking 15 other workshops in trauma and the second one specifically addressing traumatic grief. I truly came away with so much more knowledge and information than the other 15 workshops. I am very interested in neuroscience research, so I appreciate all of your resources to show why the different relaxation techniques work and the connection between mind and body. Thank you again for your willingness to share your resource information and sharing your gift of teaching! ”

— Erin H., Rochester, NY

“Thank you for a tremendous workshop and for forwarding the handout so that we can have it in color. This workshop was the best that I have attended. The information was so helpful and you presented it so well. ”

— Bill C., Ohio

“Thank you Jennifer for all the personal touches you bring to the PESI workshop. Your personal style brings knowledge to life, and your ability to interact with the participants to get us thinking is testament to your effectiveness as a speaker as well as the therapies you propose. I truly felt empowered when I left the workshop, and will definitely follow your ideas and teachings.”

— Barbara L., New Jersey

“Thank you so much for presenting a well-organized and informative workshop! You are a most impressive speaker - so knowledgeable, personable and experienced. Words do not adequately convey my deep gratitude for sharing your expertise with us. Thank you for the emailed supplemental materials. Another example of your exemplary instructional style. You extend a genuine care to your seminar participants. ”

— Mary M., Denver, CO

“I want to say how much I enjoyed your presentation for Tatra on Wednesday in Adelaide. I had already experienced presentations by Dr Bessel van der Kolk, but I appreciated some new insights you brought. I especially valued your linking of the research to the clinical techniques and helpful tips on the “buy in” for clients. I find that this is often the hardest part of effective therapy - getting the clients to take it seriously enough to consistently practice the breathing and relaxation techniques.”

— Judy B., Adelaide, Australia

“Your workshop in Omaha was so informative. It is a resource of knowledge as well as it’s application to those clients I serve. You were clearly organized with information and explained it so astutely. The various components and composition of the brain and each’s function was easily understood by your explanations and illustrations. I greatly appreciated it and hope to keep informed of future research, writings, and presentations that you give. You will have a wonderful successful career in your future and already greatly provide vital information in our understanding of physiological components of mental health.”

— ~ Gwen W., Omaha, Nebraska

“As a therapist who uses CBT, I amalso integrating trauma concepts from yourclass with clients. Your class was the most helpful one I’ve taken in years. So happy I took it, and my clients are benefitting from your expertise and research.”

— Marion S., Idaho

“I absolutely loved it!!!!!! Well done for your work is very very fantastic. It was the best presentation I have been to in my whole career. Pre psychologist included.”

— Fi, Melbourne, Australia

“Thank you very much for the detailed instructions on the techniques, which I will use. Your presentation was one of the most useful I have ever attended, and I have been to quite a few. I was ambivalent about going and wondered what I would learn before I registered, but my doubts were quickly eliminated. I use information from your workshop almost daily. I had the handout with me when I was traveling and my flight was delayed. I gladly used that time to reread it thoroughly. I actually enjoyed my time at the airport!”

— Page S., Utah

“Thank you for a most enjoyable and enlightening day. I don’t think that I have ever gone to a workshop and not sat and looked at my watch waiting for lunch or to go home... yesterday was most certainly an exception. You had me captured from slide one. I hope that you will return to Sydney and offer some other training in the future.”

— Janine, R., Sydney, Australia

“I attended your presentation on Neuroscience for Clinicians and I just wanted you to know that I was extremely happy with the whole thing. It is a fascinating subject and you covered a lot of interesting aspects. You were easy to follow even though I know there was a lot of detailed material to explain in a short amount of time.”

— Diane B., Pennsylvania

“Thank you so very much. You are an incredible educator. You own it! I look forward to reading through the materials. ”

— Fern R., Ohio

“Thank you so much for the handouts. I loved the workshop. Probably for a lot of us who wonder what we are going to get when we go to a seminar, yours was great! I learned a lot. I’ll look forward to you coming back to Pittsburgh!””

— Kathy L., Pennsylvania

“Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday. I have been following the neuroscience developments and using them to inform my practice. I found your presentation so comprehensive and clear- it was definitely one of the best presentations I have ever attended. I incorporated material about anxiety in my sessions this morning with great results.”

— Marg S., Adelaide, Australia

“Thank you for the incredibly helpful Raleigh, NC, training presentation on Trauma Response and Implications for therapists. Your final thirty minutes pointing out the research implications for provider self/peer-care gave me pause to consider my own health.”

— Mike S., North Carolina

“Thank you so much, this is great! Your presentation was excellent and really helped me know how to better help some of my clients who have trauma backgrounds and also experience physical health diagnosis as trauma. Thanks for being willing to share so much and really helping the profession grow!”

— Amy J., New York